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The Crazy Gang? What’s that all about?

The Crazies were formed at the turn of the century’ish after the website started to generate interest from Old Boys and girls from all over the world who were visiting the guestbook and emailing each other on a fairly regular basis. Mini reunions then followed all over the world and us in the UK regularly found ourselves meeting up, usually at The Eagle Pub, which was of course ‘Out of Bounds’ to us children.  Many of us attended the School in the 60’s and even though we might not have known each other back then, different year, House made a huge difference, You would know those in your House and year but not necessarily those in another house who were older or younger. We bonded because RWS was the only real home we had back then as young kids. ‘Friends Reunited’ played a part in this and now of course we have ‘Facebook’. Facebook is, whether we like it or not the de facto Social Networking medium. It isn’t safe. Everyone knows it but there is little we can do to resolve it. Facebook or it’s evolution will continue to dominate the internet. This website is specifically for ‘Wansteadians’ and isn’t controlled be some vast organisation but a few ‘Old boys’. It is hoped, at least by me the author that this place will survive and be a place for us, the pupils and family of RWS.

Over the years we have lost dear friends, Colin Glendinning, Keith Margerison, Johnny Wright, just to name a few. Some have dropped off the radar and not contactable for whatever reason. This page is dedicated to them and we hope that those we don’t know about are well and happy.

The ‘Crazy Gang’ is not an official group and was a product of spontaneous crazy get togethers across the world. It’s not confined to any year, so if you’d like to be a member, you already are…………………

Long may the Crazies continue, to be friends and family.

The formation of the Antipodean branch of the Crazy Gang actually started in Australia in late 2000 or early 2001. It was when about seven of us started exchanging emails with myself, Tony Brimble, Cyril Clark, Dave Bambridge, Roy Thompson, Tich Braithwaite & Anthony Finch. After a short while we came to a decision that we should come up with a name for us old boys, hence the Crazy Gang was born.
We slowly grew via the web sites & I managed to collect all sorts of info of us old boys & a few girls (The Lumpies). Along with us working in conjunction with Marianne Thorne, our database of old friends got larger. As time moved on Anthony came up with our own badge, which we wear with pride. I believe it was the Crazy Gang that swelled the numbers that came to the RWS reunions & encouraged Anthony to keep this website growing to what it is today. We all need to keep supporting the website so the memories can be kept alive, a small donation each year is not that big an ask. I can’t praise Anthony Finch enough for his perseverance, hard work & funding the web site on his own for so many years.
Apart from the reunions at Snaresbrook we had a mini reunion in Adelaide South Australia & lots have visited each other in our home cities across the world  allowing long lost school mates to reconnect. I have visited former pupils across Australia, the UK & Spain, I for one would not have reconnected with so many old mates who have turned out like family, which is of course what we are.
Ian Hammond (Wicks)
Churchill 1963-1966

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