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Donations made using the information on this page are for the upkeep and continuation of this website. For the development and growth of the archive with the co-operation of the Redbridge Heritage Centre with material donated by The Royal National Children’s Springboard Foundation and the benefit of our users and visitors. It is NOT affiliated to The Friends of Royal Wanstead (FoRWS)

You may contact FoRWS here

Members and visitors are NOT obliged to contribute to a subscription or donate. It is entirely your choice to do so.

We respectfully request members for an annual membership donation of £5 to ensure the continuation of this website and archive for the enjoyment of all.

If you wish to contribute?

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Please be advised that although the Website is a ‘Not for Profit’ group PayPal non-the-less charge 14%+20p for each transaction.

Full details regarding the operation of the Trust Fund are available to contributors on request.

If you are a Member please join the discussion in the Forum regarding this fund.

Thank you for your support.

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