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michael elksnis |
what a great!! day i refer to the reunion of course great to meet old and new friends quite an emotional day for me just goes to show the old place couldnt have been that bad after all
12 July 2005 - luton beds

Wilf Ager |
Well,what a day,i never was sure who i was taking to but it was a great day for my wife and i,as she has heard so much about RWS over the years,i found it a job to work out just where our rooms had been so many years ago.
The Church was up to its standard along with the service,it seemed everyone was getting to know one another and the barrier had gone if you know what i mean,(mixing with the likes of the Masters and young/old boys and girl on the same level was strange)The only part in the School i could feel it was the walkway from the square to the main entrance,the floor level had been lifted a bit, it would have been nice to walk on the same stone.We had a nice walk around the outside of the hole school taking load of pictures as we did,the Jim had gone alone with a few other outside building but on the hole it was my old School.
Then came the call"All the old Scholars, there will be photos taken infront of the side entrance on the grass bank" Well look closely,there were two fingers going up over heads,still whats changed,it was organised chaos as the poor guy with the camera ran back and forwards,iam sure in the end he just stood back and clicked,i heard one Scholar say"it would be a laugh if we let the guy in the wheelchair down the bank on his own,iam sorry to say i found it funny at the time.
Then can you guess where we ended up,Yes the Eagle Pub,before we left for home about 5.30pm i turn and the bar was full of RWS boys and girls, how it ended i never knew but iam sure someone will tell us,i hope.
I must take this chance to thank everyone who put this Rennion together, i have never been before and will never miss another,anyone whos never been because maybe he or her had a bad time at school take it from me, the barriers have gone and we are all as one....what a great day had by all,Thankyou.
10 July 2005 - Horley Surrey

Doreen & Mona Hoppe
Great to be at the re-union and to meet with old friends. Looking forward to the Chapel Service and photo after!
9 July 2005 - Essex & Dorset

Bill Vanstone |
Great to see such a great turn out and that so many have still got an interest after all this time.
9 July 2005 - Eastbourne East Sussex

Anthony finch |
Dear friends. Enjoy the reunion day
9 July 2005 - Essex

Wilf Ager |
Webmaster....Whats all this about...Daniel: archey badminton baseball etc,....and Jamie: furnture garden etc, if this is not some sort of code then its some fool thinking that it mite upset us old boys, little do they know about what we stand for, so lets just let them play, as far as i can see they can spell, but must only have a very little brane, never mind..
6 July 2005 - Horley Surrey

Webmaster comments   Wilf Thanks for your comment I didn't even notice these additions. They have been deleted and I shall keep an eye on future entries.......Anthony

Wilf Ager |
Looking forward to this weekend, visiting the old school for the first time in 40+ years,alone with my wife and Ian Martin, my best friend while i was at school and his wife.After looking on this site and friendsreunited, i am sure there will be no one from our little gang but i hope i am wrong, After meeting Mary Burbridge i now no that we will be wearing name tages which will help, ill report back on to this site next week and let you all know just how well we did, my years were the late 50s to earley 60s, Athens,Flo House master, Class 4b, Mac donald form teacher, Geary the head then Lavender,i remember the fate that Church hill came to on the football field infront of the school, some of us pinched the drink that was stored in the Scouts hut behide the gim, i wish i could be more accurate with the dates but the older you get, well you know what i mean, when i left RWS i could hardy read and never accomplished much in the way of education, how did they ever let me miss out on all that schooling and i could not have been the only one, but reading some of the comments that some of the old boys have wrote i feel i did miss out on a lot, still there you are, hope to meet more old boys on the day...
5 July 2005 - Horley Surrey

Alan Read |
I would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers me from my stay @ R.W.S. 1964-1970'
1 July 2005 - Ilford Essex U.K.

James Gardner
Saw the message from Mike Lindley who I remember well as we were in the same class with people like Enright Senior Podge Palmer,Slim Gilbert and Weyman etc.
Hope you are well Mike and look forward to seeing you at the re-union to chat over old times.
16 May 2005 - Beckenham Kent

Diana Hatcher (nee Lancey) |
I was interested to see that there was a RW site and indeed reunions! I was at the junior school and then attended the Sawbridgeworth school, leaving in c.1962. There are a few names I remember and these have already been listed by some of the guests. I will definitely make an effort to attend the reunion. My email address is if anyone wants to contact me.
1 May 2005 - Hull

Richard Conway-Hyde |
Was at RWS 49-59 in Babylon house with brother Roger. Lots of memories especially since viewing these site. Congratulations on a great job. Was in the Army for 33 yrs, Falklands, Golf etc. Now in computing with Apple. Retiring next year to play Golf. Pleased to hear from any who wish to share memories,
30 April 2005 - Bicester Oxon

Richard Jennings |
I was at RWS in 49 with my twin Bruce
can remember the dens and the swing boats, crocodile walks through the woods
Mrs Carpenter, Nurse Jenny (my bed was next to her cubicle in the dorm.
Spoonsfull of malt, TCP mouthwash and vinegar for hair conditioner and quite good memories. I have a panoramic picture of the preps and juniors circa 49 if anyone would like to see it please contact me.I have also left same info on Keiths web page.
Anyone out there remember us .
Remember Margaret Jenny Barry and the Price bro and sis.
29 April 2005 - ENGLAND

Mike Lindley |
59-63 Babylon Overall good memories of RWS.McDowell the old irish bugger was all right.Remember that psycho Florence who lived in a Dickensian fantasy destroying his room every time he administered his version of corporal punishment. I am in touch with Peter Dockley, we went to Hornsey college of art. Slim Gilbert get's in touch every christmas. I would really like to hear from Paul Struan-Marshal, Nat Patterson, Frank Perriam. Spike Moore, Austin Williamson. I will be going to the 2005 reunion so hopefully will see familiar faces allbeit all old git's
25 April 2005 - Anglesey North Wales

Andrew Francis (frannie) |
Just to anyone that remebers me (frannie) I was in Nelson house from 65 to 70 Can not say thay were the best years of my life but I like many others survied the dump sorry school. Have had contact with some of you hope ther is more of my old friends out there
14 April 2005 - Sweden

David Hill |
Strange, no names I remember, yet many things vivid in the memory, not all of them good ones. Was at RWS from 1954 -1960, Lower Junior and Junior.
26 March 2005 - Alton, Hants

Elizabeth Ann Semadeni (ne Harrison) |
Wow! It was such a surprise to receive the newsletters (1999, 2002, Spring and Autumn 2003, Autumn 2004) from Marianne Thorne. To think that there have been so many reunions of which I had no knowledge.
In 1972 I received a reply, to my enquiry about existing records, from J.A.Noble informing of the closure of the girls school at Sawbridgeworth in 1970 and presumed all was lost.

I had visited the school in, it must have been, 1962 or 63 with Jennifer Allan (ne Smith) and
spoken to Miss Edmed. Things had changed a lot ( the girls could wear their own clothes and
watch Perry Mason on T.V.! We were only allowed to watch the Queen, tennis and the Oxford and Cambridge boat race).

I am Elizabeth Ann Semadeni (ne Harrison) and I live in Switzerland. I attended Hyde Hall
from May 1954 to July 1958. I was in Jocelyn and since I received the newsletters more and
more names have been popping into my head. I have only one or two photos which will be
put on a CD and sent to the person Marianne recommends.

I would love to hear from someone who remembers me. I am determined to attend the reunion
in July 2005. I need to know exactly when and where it is taking place.(and how to get there
if it is not at Sawbridgeworth).

Hope to hear from somebody soon.

Names I remember:
Teachers : Miss Edmed, Miss Rich, Miss Pasqual, Miss Fry, Mrs Ferguson?, Miss Leach?
Mrs Hood.
Students: Jennifer and Barbara Smith, Ethel Conner Ann Drake, Carol Gibbons, Janice Harvie,
Andr Lennox, Valerie Sanders, Pat and Pam Sandercock, Maureen Fitzgerald, Joan Cutler,
Joan Reece? Julia Randall? And although I never met him personally Terry Steer. Because
of him I nearly got expelled!
6 March 2005 - Switzerland

Janet Cheveralls |
I believe I remember you Linda I was at Hyde Hall from 1958 to 1961 with my twin sister Jean. We were in Jocelyn House and then Arran. We are going to the reunion on 9th July and hope to meet up with lots more old friends!
26 February 2005 - Princes Risborough Bucks.

Janet Cheveralls |
Twin sister Jean was a RWS Wanstead 1957 then on to Sawbridgeworth until Christmas 1961. Live in Buckinghamshire telephone 01844 344764 and am going to reunion on 9th July. Remember Christine Deakin,Anne Marie Stockwell Ann Drake Janet Reay Beryl Towell would love to meet up and go back to Hyde Hall but understand residents not too happy about visitors invading their territory. Please contact. Janet
26 February 2005 - Princes Risborough, Bucks.

Raymond Harvey (HARVEY 2) |
Hi there,after reading some of the messages left it has bought tears to my eyes to remember some of the Old boys,also learning that Kieth Margerrison had died,i think it all brings it back to me how importent it is to keep in touch.I was in Babilon/Nelson house in 1962-66.I remember Mick Hale,Chris Jackson,Mick Cob,Mick Clarke,the Johnson brothers(who spent all thier time on the run) do any of you recall the time the Crazy Gang went under the foundations,also when we went under the Metal class sewers and were chased by the metal work teacher(a right hard case too)if any of you remember me please email me sometime.Best regards Ray.
20 February 2005 - West Midlands

Linda Riches |
Enjoyed looking at old photos,would like to see more photos the girls of Hyde Hall, sawbridgeworth. Looking forward to July.
9 February 2005 - l live in Wales

Aemon Regas |
Well i keep going back there but all wearing wigs now i was there 1963 -66
my memories are of frends Hugh Wall,thompson ,blammy, guntis rebane ,and head boy barry ??? nurse Sue Pollard , and many more apart from nelson houses housemaster J. Davis and fond memories of the cane weilding ( boggy) Mr John Lavender loved the smell of his pipe tobacco thats why i loved the cane cos his office reaked of it lol
anyone who remmembers me please get in touch all the very best Aemon Regas Nelson house 64, Can anyone remember the chaplins name ? email me at
8 February 2005 - england ( kent )

Peter Smith |
I was at RWS from 1959 /1961 my name is Peter Smith , Does Anyone remember me , i think i knew someone of the name Terry who came from Leatherhead Surrey.
8 January 2005

Ian Martin |
Happy New year to everyone. esspecially those of Athens house 1956 to 1959. Wilf Ager , Taffy Evans Johnny Johnson,Chris Gold,Chris Fennel, The Barnard twins and all the others that I can't remember at this moment in time.If anyone remembers me, send me an Email. I will be very pleased to hear from you. Regards Ian.
1 January 2005 - Moving to France in February 2005

Cyril Clark |
Here's wishing all the crazy people in the world a very happy and prosperous New Year. Also thinking about the millions hit by the tragedy in Asia. Have a good one guys and lumpy people.
31 December 2004 - Australia

keith looker [jimbo] |
just to wish everyone a merrychristmas and a happy 2005 looking forward to the reunion in july
23 December 2004

michael topham
The bottom left hand pic? How about from off of the island that was out of bounds
If you look I think you can see the pond banking in the darkness
Just to show Im interested lovely site by the way

Michael Topham (topcat)
29 November 2004 - nottingham

Kelvin Gosling (Goose) |
What a surprise, what a great website. I was at Wanstead from 1956 to April 1960. 'Flo' Mr Florence was my Housemaster of Athens. Great memories of Scout Camps and sailing on Eagle pond. Royal Wanstead provided me with a great schooling for life. My sister Margaret attended Sawbridgeworth at about the same time.
22 November 2004 - Lymington Hampshire

Valerie Smart |
I was at Royal Wanstead Junior School from 1958-1960, does anyone remember why 30 girls were transferred from Sawbridgeworth to Wanstead? Anyone remember me, my parents at the time were living in Iraq. The Junior Head was a Mr Porter, I think?
22 November 2004

Webmaster comments   You are quite right Val....Mr Porter was head. I don't know why girls would have been transfered to Wanstead....I only know that they moved to Sawbridgeworth in the first place because of all those amourous boys!
Just as a matter of interest, what was your surname then? Do you remember Melody Baldwin?

Jim Bridge |
Great site Anthony, catch up with you next July
19 November 2004 - Cyprus

michael topham (topcat) |
i was at rws 66 to 68 i ahve just had a brain haemorrhage and trying to put som order back into my life this site has help a lot so thanks guys i rememberd mr lavender well he had on a few occastions had to come and collect me from the police station after id ran off
llost count how many time i got 6 of who do i dremember.???? nigel adlam he started the same day as me by the end of term he was the best at every thing
me i went to progress skinnky,burk/s.cox good at swimming the story gos that we all went swimming to the local baths on the way we crossed some waste ground and saw a suitcase that we kick around that same day/week a body was found in sevrel suitcases oh happy days any one remember me?
15 November 2004 - nottingham uk

michael topham
i went to rws 1966 to 68 started the same day as nigel adlam he got to the top of the school and i the bottem kept runing away so they put me in another place up north
13 November 2004 - nottingham uk

David Rawlings |
The brother of my great grandfather, also David Rawlings, died in 1878, and three of his children went to THe Infant Orphan Asylum. Charles Alexander Rawlings in 1879, Edith Kate Rawlings in 1879, and Mary Harries Rawlings in 1880. I have been in touch with the grandchildren of Charles Alexander but would love to hear from any other descendants. David Rawlings
9 November 2004 - South Hams

victor hide (aka fred like my brothers before me) |
i remember my time at rws with fondness, i remember a few names, andrew francis, tom kent stewart airley the only girl i remember though is Angela Hunt, this girl stuck in my mind as my first love i even got to kiss her once in a school play correction she kissed me, that night nearly fainted, but then i was only 8 or 9 at the time. it was a good time & i was sad to leave in 1970. at times i stop and remember the times i walked across the park to the swimming pool, or the movie nights i even remember pub watching on the way to yorkshire on those exchange trips but i think the my fondest memory were playing on the sports field at the back and in the woods near mr porters house.
4 November 2004 - galleywood essex

Richard Thorne |
I was in Nineveh from 1956 - 1960. I also remember John Lavender and Mr. Geer as Headmaster and Housemaster. There do not seem to be many replies to the website from my era. I hope that as we all come closer to retirement the memories will start to come back and we can relive our childhood and contact old friends through this website.
30 October 2004 - Tavistock Devon

Mike Hamill |
Just to let you all know I ain't popped me clogs yet!!
Finchie if you can remind me of my CG login I might get back into the world again
25 October 2004 - Norfolk

Donna Christie nee Stone |
Royal Wanstead Sawbridgeworth.I think 67/68. I remember Valerie Bone, Shirley Gardner, Yvonne Brown, Ms Cook, Ms Jones and Ms Champness, Mrs Bair-Fraser - Maths Teacher, Mrs Brown Art Teacher, Copper Coin the Welsh Cobb cross, went lame after a few six formers though it good sport to run him up and down the drive, he was retired to the Ada Cole Memorial Stables. Was I happy? Truthfully - can't remember. But the education received, instilled me with a good work ethic, a love of musicals, I'm performing in Ruddigore next week, (Poole Oct 2004)and a passion for animals. Married, no kids, two cats and two rabbits.
23 October 2004 - Bournemouth, Dorset

Kim Johnson |
Hi Kieth (looker)
Good to hear from you
4 October 2004 - Melbourne Aust

Keith Looker [Jim Lad ]
.At RWS from 67-69 Churchill House house master Mr McCormick I remember Tim and Ronnie Wilson George Billington Kim Johnson Robert Kerr [Wendy] Fred Mason Peter Friend and a Few more. Any body remember me .
6 September 2004 - Witham Essex

Harry Marks |
Just discovered this site.I didnt go to the school,but was one of the builders who converted it into the court.I spent wonderful times in the old buildings.I can say i think i explored every nook and cranny.Have lots of little stories i remember.Anyone remember the little house in the woods?.We found letters,uniforms,lots of bits of munitions(it was said it was used as a staging post in the war).yes lots of memories.
5 September 2004 - Still in London

Colin Meadows | |
At RWS from 1952 to spring 1961.
House Babylon, house master McDowell.
Moved from London in 1993 to purchase a Farm near Taunton in Somerset.
4 children 3 boys twins in that, 1 daughter, 10 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild on the way.
Lifes been great, with many moments and ventures.
2 September 2004 - Somerset

David Bambridge |
Just sitting here in Florida USA and listening to the rain peeing down. Thought I would check on the old site to see what is happening. Bit quiet in the crazy gang, what's going on? Had the 1967 school photo framed. It will now take pride of place on my den wall. Dave R and Warren how about putting John Wrights go-cart on the rogues gallery?
1 September 2004 - Lakeland, Florida. USA

James Gardner (gogs) |
Just popped in to see if there were any news of a re-union which now looks to be in 2005 !!!

How time flies still not really heard from anyone in my particular year (Enright senior and I were in the same class!!)

Any news would be great news
18 August 2004 - Beckenham Kent

Tim Wilson (Willie) |
nice to see someone remembers me..Thanks for the message Dave Reddick..I remember it well..I met George Billington at the reunion 2001..It was interesting going back to the school for a visit..They tell me you joined plod (call yourself a rebel) I'm a social worker up in Stoke now..for my sins..Drop us an e-mail.
2 August 2004 - Stoke on Trent

Keith Jemmett |
After having found quite a few past friends I am currently trying to trace the whereabouts of Alan "Nat" Pattison. He was in Grenfell, we last spoke in 1968/70,Eric Cornick was housemaster, Alan would have been in the sixth form by then I would think,last known address was Mayes Lane, Chelmsford. Would be gratefull for any help in tracing him. Thanks
1 August 2004 - Hounslow, ENGLAND

Rod Harmer(was Green) | |
hi there fellas and fellases,have been a bit lax lately and just started reading the board again,busy with work , but still reading the crazies email, looking forward to july 2005, the mad kiwi will be back and finchie i promise no more stroppy behaviour outside the eagle at chuck out time,now thay have accommodation maybe we should book it out for us antipodeans then we can keep the bar open, web site is me little hobby ,lol, which keeps me busy,catch yas later ......... rodders
3 July 2004 - Whangaparaoa. New Zealand

Wilf Ager |
Anyone in 3b in the 60s take a look in friendsreunited theres a very clear photo, have a little look at the windows and walls do they need a clean or what, when you are young you never notice that sort of thing i find it hard to pick out faces in most of the school photo and i only think i have found me but this picture is clear, i am sure it is Ian Martin in the middle, theres a couple of other faces that bring back mem:if anyone can put a name to any other faces in that photo please drop me a line..thanks
3 July 2004 - Horley/Surrey

Good site,recognising loads of names from my dim and dark past, Tim Wilson if you still read this page contact me address via crazy gang site. How come i cant find me on the 65' photo know i was there.perhaps i was that ugly they scrubbed it. all the best.
3 July 2004 - BASILDON . ENGLAND

Uzoagba | |
I love the page.
2 July 2004 - ABA

Anthony Finch | |
Hi all,
Just thought I would add the 100th message in the guestbook and to give a very warm welcome to all the new CG members.
I have had the minutes from the last meeting of 'The Friends of Royal Wanstead' Commitee. If anyone feels that they have the time and might be interested, a new Commitee will be formed after the next reunion. In any event we desperately need someone to act as secretary now. Drop me or Marianne a line if you are able to help.......Cheers

1 July 2004 - Waltham Abbey

Keith Cable |
Iwent to Wanstead in 1960 And Ileft in Easter 1965.And Ihad two brothers tere as well one was David Cable And the Other Was John Cable
19 June 2004 - Worthing West Sussex

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