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Mick Hale |
Just spent a couple of hours browsing the site and as I did so , reflected on a time when a number of us went carol singing to raise funds (for ourselves) unfortunately we were caught upon our return. As a result the charities benefitted and we were rewarded with the cane. Anyone else remember that occasion?
2 January 2006 - UK

Anthony Finch |
Happy New Year everyone!!!
1 January 2006 - Essex

Webmaster comments   Dear friends....Sincerely wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year

Lawrie Nicholls |
Wilf - I've just seen your message of 9 December. We try to hold reunions every three years so I doubt if you will have to wait 4 or 5 years as you seem to fear. All being well, the next one should be in 2008. There is a huge amount of work to be done organising a reunion including much close liaison with the Crown Court. The organising committee has always felt it difficult to hold a reunion more frequently. However, a new committee is currently being formed - maybe they will have other ideas.The support of all Old Wansteadians is highly valued believe me, after all it's their day. Best wishes for a very happy New Year. Lawrie.
1 January 2006 - Suffolk, England

Spotty Horne (Graham Eyre) |
To all the Wanstead old boys and girls, Have a great New Year.

All those unfortunate to know me
please get in touch.

26 December 2005 - Richmond, Surrey

Chris Beal |
I attended the school back in the late 60's and would love to hear from former school friends from that period.
23 December 2005 - New Orchard, Greengate, Swanton Morley, Norfolk, NR20 4LX

Ian martin |
Just a message to wish everyone a happy xmas and a happy new year
23 December 2005 - Valliers/ France

Keith Jemmett |
:smile: Merry Christmas everyone & a healthy, happy & prosperous New Year
20 December 2005 - Hounslow, Middlesex

David Johnson |
My twin brother Steve and I arrived in RWS in Sept. 1959 along with our older brother, Mike. We were six and Mike was eight. We were all involved in cross country in some way or another. Mike held the record for running round the lake for many years. Steve and I won many medals in the school cross country teams between 1964 and 1968. We were trained by MP Rat. Everyone remembers him! After ten years, we couldn't wait to get into the world but some happy memories remain. People I remember include Dilly Breamoh, Nigel Zito, Robert Hackett (bully boy!), the Sharp brothers, Michael Holbert, Michael Adimola and many faces I can't remember names. Does anyone remember the lovely Linda and Anne Scott? If you remember me best regards to you and send me an email!
18 December 2005 - Twickenham

Wilf Ager |
Keven, Give the best regards to your brother Barry
10 December 2005 - Horley Surrey

Kelvin Evans |
Just a line to wish you all a very happy Christmas & New Year,
From Janet & Kelvin
9 December 2005 - Holbeach,Lincolnshire,England

Wilf Ager |
A Merry Christmas to all
I have just received my newsletter 2005 and I am glad to see that everyone had a good time at the Reunion as I did and must thank our Chairman (Lawrie Nicholls) and others for pulling it off after the London Bombing, the only disappointment is we will have to wait 4/5 years before another, are you sure Lawrie, every two years seems just right, Four to Five years is a long time when your 60+.
It was nice to see my face in the photos on page 4 and 5, a list of attendants would have been nice, but who am I to complain.
Could anyone tell me how I could obtain a CD of group photographs of the Reunion, it may tell me in the newsletter, but I have yet to read it all, I have just seen it was printed by the Reed School, many thank to you all as well..
9 December 2005 - Horley Surrey

Jim (Wax) Walker |
I'll be second to wish all who were at the School(s) a Great Christams and New Year
8 December 2005 - Lincolnshire - England

David and Marie Dyer
We would like to wish all ex Wansteadians A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR.
8 December 2005 - Spain

Peter Munro |
Good to finally make contact again with other ex-pupils of RWS. Can't work out why it took me so long to get around to searching for you all!
6 November 2005 - Wiltshire, UK

Richard Mecklenburgh |
I have lived in Australia since leaving Reeds in 1957. By a chance reading of "Best of British", I made contact with Mary Burbidge, and now I am able to tap into some of the more distant memories of my time at RWS (1946 to 1952)or thereabouts! I have discovered some old 'photos (here) from those days, and will send copies to whoever tells me who I should send them to!
23 October 2005 - Hobart. Tasmania. Australia

Anthony Finch | |
In view of the increasing number of spam messages that the guestbook has been getting lately, I have updated the code and visitors will now have to put in a code before the message is accepted. Hopefully this will resolve the problem.
5 October 2005 - Essex UK

Steven Sampford |
Was at RWS from 1967-71, in Grenfel house. My nickname was Sam, and I played in the school band, and sang in the choir.Does anyone remember names such as Mick Brace, Paul McKendry, Kevin Kowerlesser, Steve Wallis, Andy Bennett, S.Coveney, Graham Richards.I have great memories of the old school such as bunking out at night for chips,staying up late at night in Mr Cornicks room with toast and watching Monty Python if we did well at sport,the masters such as Pog O'Gorman,M.P.Rat,Tugs( standing on the steps smoking his pipe, and that bloody bell being rung at 7.00 or was 6.45.Hope to be at the next reunion.
22 September 2005 - Essex

Jim (Wax) Walker |
Reunion was an experience I'll not forget in a hurry. We must do it again.
It was spooky talking to brother Phillip after 22 years - family!!.

If it can be rearranged in the next year or two how about having the '64 Buddy and the Barristers reform for another school dance!!!!! Isn't that name spooky when you think of what happened to the building?

If any of the original members think they are up to it - Terry, Peter, Roger, John and myself; I am prepared to sort out some numbers that we can prepare for albeit remotely.

I would look for help from Chris Dupres and anybody else who fancies a bash -- Any Takers?
14 September 2005 - Petrol Starved England

Wilf Ager |
David Moakes...Since i found out you were at RWS on the very last day,could you put together a few words just to let me know how the day went....The day i left school was the same day as my brother, I remember Lavender saying "No one leave the school before 10am" Well we were on the train home well before that with only the cloths the school had given us... My Mother was alway short of money, even in the school hoildays we had to ware school cloths..we had nothing eals, well some time we got away with pinching my older brothers but if he found out !!!
I found out later that there had been a chaple service (Missed that)and then it was years before my interest in the old school came back....finding the school wed site i think done it for me...and computers..I don't know if your days at RWS were good or bad, i can say that i never done so well but i am still very intrested in hearing about just what happen on the very last day of RWS..
Thanks Dave.. Look forward to hearing from you
31 August 2005 - Horley Surrey

Keith Neat |
I have just spend a most interesting day with Ernie Thomas. It has taken me many years to track him down but he is still very much alive and has very effectionate memories of the RWS.
If anyone is interested please email me and I will let you have more details.
Keith(Scruffy)Neat RWS 1961-1971
6 August 2005 - Hertford, United Kibgdom

Webmaster comments   Keith, Thanks for the Info. There are many of us who would love to get in touch with Ernie. Perhaps you would be kind enough to ask him to email me? Anthony

Peter Pitkin |
To David Moakes
Please tell me how we from the 50's are suppose to have pictures and stories from you lot in the late 60's/70's? Only you and your friends should you have any (?) can supply that information to include in the next
re-union - if there is one. We are not friends of Dr Who and can't jump forward to supply your needs!!! Get real!

On a more positive note, I have now been to five re-unions and involved through the Friends of Royal Wanstead as a committee member for the last four including this year's. Marianne Thorne is our archivist who collects any memorabilia from old boys and girls to display at the re-unions. If you have anything be it old photos, clips from newspapers, whole school photos, group photos, or anything else that will show what your time span was like at the school, we would be pleased to receive them. Marianne would simply copy the material and return to you the original. As stated at the chapel service, we need more help on committee, I joined after the 1993 re-union and you or any of your brothers would be welcome to come and join us. I look after the whole school photos collection. The data base is built on your memories as there are no lists of pupils except for 1955/6 years. If you have a year photo and can remember who your friends were on any of the displayed photos and anybody else, please let me know.
Tell us your memories of those closing years at the school, because we simply don't know them.
28 July 2005 - Rickmansworth

Anthony Finch | |
As the webmaster for this site I would be more than happy to include any photo's that you may have. If you scan them and send them to me they will be posted on the next update which is (I regret to admit)long overdue.
This applies to anyone else who may have material of interest that can be displayed here.
Thank you.

27 July 2005 - Waltham Abbey, Essex

David Moakes
Thank you bill and rod for you comments.
26 July 2005

Rod Broad

I do not think the issue is slagging people off or not, and yes, you, and every-one else is entitled to say how they find things.

The over-riding message is that a lot of people put a lot of time into the event - both for themselves and for others.

Many people knew who was coming to the reunion and who was not and many people have spent a lot of time getting photos up to date for display.

Yes, it is easy to be bored if there is nothing there for you - but the message is it is only the visitors who can put things in place.

Perhaps the old boys (and girls) need to be more welcoming to people who just come out of interest - but when these people have spent a long time anticipating and getting ready it is easy to see why they want to make the most of their limited time.

Why not round up some of your old colleagues and tell us all how things were in those last few years - I must have missed you as I left in 68 (I think - memory cells) - find some photos from that time and post them on the site.

It is sad that as time goes on it is your era that will be the last hargingers of the memories.

If you come again (assuming there is another reunion) I hope that you will find more old friends (even arrange for them to come) and find items of interest .

Either way I am glad you made it - interested or not - bored or not - the more old boys who make the effort to keep the memories alive the better.

All the best

25 July 2005

Bill Vanstone
David Moakes.You have actually already offended plenty with your remark about the day. You seem remarkably ill informed about who was there and what was on show too.A great number of people that were at the school during the times you mention attended on the day.I would happily admit that time has changed us all but they were there nonetheless.There were photos available for you to view and add names to as well.There were even some former masters there on the day.I think you need to enter into the spirit of things a little more and think before you type.There is a great cameraderie among our number and if they feel under criticism they will sure as hell let you know about it.We will happily take constructive criticism but your unfortunate choice of words will get you little but scorn.
Do take care .........and look forward to seeing at the next re-union where......given a chance we may extend the hand of friendship.
25 July 2005

David Moakes
ha ha ,no wilf i was not hiding.
25 July 2005

David Moakes

If you read my message again you will see i did not slag off the people or the events organisers.

What I said was I found the day boring and that i found nothing see that was from the time i was at the school.

Im sorry if this offended you but I was only saying how i saw the day,the same as the people who enjoyed the day had there say.
25 July 2005 - Kent

Keith Jemmett |
David, actually there were several people there that left in 1971, some of them are very good friends of mine, there were even more from your 'era' 1968 - 71. Where on earth did you spend the day !
Where are the pictures and stories that you & your brother took and wrote,or those of your friends during that time. Nobody else can contribute these things for you, I suggest you make an effort to get involved and find out what it's all about before you start slagging of these events. A lot of time, effort & money goes into organising these functions, purely by volunteers. You appear to have no interest in what went on before you attended RWS & none whatsoever in what the Foundation is doing at present.
Perhaps it would be better if you and your brother refrained from joining in any activities that may be arranged for the future.

25 July 2005 - England

I know my spelling is bad
25 July 2005

Wilf Ager |
To David Moakes and his brother,iam so sorry you found the re-union Boring and a waste of time, as i looked around me it seemed every one was so injoying the day that went so fast for me, i spoke to boys from 68/71, one of them may have been you, No maybe not,you were Hiding down the Dell where you spend most of your school days, i know some of the masters were there but Dave we are all on the same level now,join in i would love to have about the very very last day of school
25 July 2005 - Horley Surrey

David Moakes
Well my brothers and i went to the reunion this year and im sorry, but i for one found it boring and a waste of time.For people who went there in the 50s and 60`s Im sure there were loads of things for them to see which made it interesting,but for people like me who were there from 68 till 71 Thre was not only nothing to see, no pics or stories from that era,but there seemed to be no people there that had left in 71.
24 July 2005

john maskell |
was at RWS from 1965-1968.I live in st,albans,you can contact me at ( )I was in nelson master`s cummings/Dr J.v.Davies/shrddieboy.All the best to everyone who went to the rws . john
18 July 2005 - St, Albans.Heart`s U.K

Kelvin Evans |
I have no idea what I am doing If you read this I presume I have signed in,right? Anyway this is Kelvin Taffy Evans 1956-Dec.1964.I wanted to tell Wilf Ager that my brother Barry (of the tea urn fame remembers you very well and sends his regards.He intends to come to the next reunion.Has anyone heard from Chris (chong) Fisher or his brother stephen.I met Colin Mewitt at the July 9th reunion I had not seen him for 41 years!! I also met loads of others, too many to mention
18 July 2005

Wilf Ager |
After reciving The Friends Of Royal Wanstead new letter Ref: Grand Reunion, i see note 3)Whole School Photographs , there never seemed to be anyone around to order a copy and pay so what i did was to put the from with the photo numbers in the box on the table along with, where are you on the Photos, that means i now don't no what the numbers were i order......can anyone tell me how to obtain such numbers or get in contact with Peter Pitkin...thanks. I would love to hear how other RWS boys/girls got on, that attender the Reunion.
17 July 2005 - Horley Surrey

michael elksnis |
what a great!! day i refer to the reunion of course great to meet old and new friends quite an emotional day for me just goes to show the old place couldnt have been that bad after all
12 July 2005 - luton beds

Wilf Ager |
Well,what a day,i never was sure who i was taking to but it was a great day for my wife and i,as she has heard so much about RWS over the years,i found it a job to work out just where our rooms had been so many years ago.
The Church was up to its standard along with the service,it seemed everyone was getting to know one another and the barrier had gone if you know what i mean,(mixing with the likes of the Masters and young/old boys and girl on the same level was strange)The only part in the School i could feel it was the walkway from the square to the main entrance,the floor level had been lifted a bit, it would have been nice to walk on the same stone.We had a nice walk around the outside of the hole school taking load of pictures as we did,the Jim had gone alone with a few other outside building but on the hole it was my old School.
Then came the call"All the old Scholars, there will be photos taken infront of the side entrance on the grass bank" Well look closely,there were two fingers going up over heads,still whats changed,it was organised chaos as the poor guy with the camera ran back and forwards,iam sure in the end he just stood back and clicked,i heard one Scholar say"it would be a laugh if we let the guy in the wheelchair down the bank on his own,iam sorry to say i found it funny at the time.
Then can you guess where we ended up,Yes the Eagle Pub,before we left for home about 5.30pm i turn and the bar was full of RWS boys and girls, how it ended i never knew but iam sure someone will tell us,i hope.
I must take this chance to thank everyone who put this Rennion together, i have never been before and will never miss another,anyone whos never been because maybe he or her had a bad time at school take it from me, the barriers have gone and we are all as one....what a great day had by all,Thankyou.
10 July 2005 - Horley Surrey

Doreen & Mona Hoppe
Great to be at the re-union and to meet with old friends. Looking forward to the Chapel Service and photo after!
9 July 2005 - Essex & Dorset

Bill Vanstone |
Great to see such a great turn out and that so many have still got an interest after all this time.
9 July 2005 - Eastbourne East Sussex

Anthony finch |
Dear friends. Enjoy the reunion day
9 July 2005 - Essex

Wilf Ager |
Webmaster....Whats all this about...Daniel: archey badminton baseball etc,....and Jamie: furnture garden etc, if this is not some sort of code then its some fool thinking that it mite upset us old boys, little do they know about what we stand for, so lets just let them play, as far as i can see they can spell, but must only have a very little brane, never mind..
6 July 2005 - Horley Surrey

Webmaster comments   Wilf Thanks for your comment I didn't even notice these additions. They have been deleted and I shall keep an eye on future entries.......Anthony

Wilf Ager |
Looking forward to this weekend, visiting the old school for the first time in 40+ years,alone with my wife and Ian Martin, my best friend while i was at school and his wife.After looking on this site and friendsreunited, i am sure there will be no one from our little gang but i hope i am wrong, After meeting Mary Burbridge i now no that we will be wearing name tages which will help, ill report back on to this site next week and let you all know just how well we did, my years were the late 50s to earley 60s, Athens,Flo House master, Class 4b, Mac donald form teacher, Geary the head then Lavender,i remember the fate that Church hill came to on the football field infront of the school, some of us pinched the drink that was stored in the Scouts hut behide the gim, i wish i could be more accurate with the dates but the older you get, well you know what i mean, when i left RWS i could hardy read and never accomplished much in the way of education, how did they ever let me miss out on all that schooling and i could not have been the only one, but reading some of the comments that some of the old boys have wrote i feel i did miss out on a lot, still there you are, hope to meet more old boys on the day...
5 July 2005 - Horley Surrey

Alan Read |
I would enjoy hearing from anyone who remembers me from my stay @ R.W.S. 1964-1970'
1 July 2005 - Ilford Essex U.K.

James Gardner
Saw the message from Mike Lindley who I remember well as we were in the same class with people like Enright Senior Podge Palmer,Slim Gilbert and Weyman etc.
Hope you are well Mike and look forward to seeing you at the re-union to chat over old times.
16 May 2005 - Beckenham Kent

Diana Hatcher (nee Lancey) |
I was interested to see that there was a RW site and indeed reunions! I was at the junior school and then attended the Sawbridgeworth school, leaving in c.1962. There are a few names I remember and these have already been listed by some of the guests. I will definitely make an effort to attend the reunion. My email address is if anyone wants to contact me.
1 May 2005 - Hull

Richard Conway-Hyde |
Was at RWS 49-59 in Babylon house with brother Roger. Lots of memories especially since viewing these site. Congratulations on a great job. Was in the Army for 33 yrs, Falklands, Golf etc. Now in computing with Apple. Retiring next year to play Golf. Pleased to hear from any who wish to share memories,
30 April 2005 - Bicester Oxon

Richard Jennings |
I was at RWS in 49 with my twin Bruce
can remember the dens and the swing boats, crocodile walks through the woods
Mrs Carpenter, Nurse Jenny (my bed was next to her cubicle in the dorm.
Spoonsfull of malt, TCP mouthwash and vinegar for hair conditioner and quite good memories. I have a panoramic picture of the preps and juniors circa 49 if anyone would like to see it please contact me.I have also left same info on Keiths web page.
Anyone out there remember us .
Remember Margaret Jenny Barry and the Price bro and sis.
29 April 2005 - ENGLAND

Mike Lindley |
59-63 Babylon Overall good memories of RWS.McDowell the old irish bugger was all right.Remember that psycho Florence who lived in a Dickensian fantasy destroying his room every time he administered his version of corporal punishment. I am in touch with Peter Dockley, we went to Hornsey college of art. Slim Gilbert get's in touch every christmas. I would really like to hear from Paul Struan-Marshal, Nat Patterson, Frank Perriam. Spike Moore, Austin Williamson. I will be going to the 2005 reunion so hopefully will see familiar faces allbeit all old git's
25 April 2005 - Anglesey North Wales

Andrew Francis (frannie) |
Just to anyone that remebers me (frannie) I was in Nelson house from 65 to 70 Can not say thay were the best years of my life but I like many others survied the dump sorry school. Have had contact with some of you hope ther is more of my old friends out there
14 April 2005 - Sweden

David Hill |
Strange, no names I remember, yet many things vivid in the memory, not all of them good ones. Was at RWS from 1954 -1960, Lower Junior and Junior.
26 March 2005 - Alton, Hants

Elizabeth Ann Semadeni (ne Harrison) |
Wow! It was such a surprise to receive the newsletters (1999, 2002, Spring and Autumn 2003, Autumn 2004) from Marianne Thorne. To think that there have been so many reunions of which I had no knowledge.
In 1972 I received a reply, to my enquiry about existing records, from J.A.Noble informing of the closure of the girls school at Sawbridgeworth in 1970 and presumed all was lost.

I had visited the school in, it must have been, 1962 or 63 with Jennifer Allan (ne Smith) and
spoken to Miss Edmed. Things had changed a lot ( the girls could wear their own clothes and
watch Perry Mason on T.V.! We were only allowed to watch the Queen, tennis and the Oxford and Cambridge boat race).

I am Elizabeth Ann Semadeni (ne Harrison) and I live in Switzerland. I attended Hyde Hall
from May 1954 to July 1958. I was in Jocelyn and since I received the newsletters more and
more names have been popping into my head. I have only one or two photos which will be
put on a CD and sent to the person Marianne recommends.

I would love to hear from someone who remembers me. I am determined to attend the reunion
in July 2005. I need to know exactly when and where it is taking place.(and how to get there
if it is not at Sawbridgeworth).

Hope to hear from somebody soon.

Names I remember:
Teachers : Miss Edmed, Miss Rich, Miss Pasqual, Miss Fry, Mrs Ferguson?, Miss Leach?
Mrs Hood.
Students: Jennifer and Barbara Smith, Ethel Conner Ann Drake, Carol Gibbons, Janice Harvie,
Andr Lennox, Valerie Sanders, Pat and Pam Sandercock, Maureen Fitzgerald, Joan Cutler,
Joan Reece? Julia Randall? And although I never met him personally Terry Steer. Because
of him I nearly got expelled!
6 March 2005 - Switzerland

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