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Terry Anderson |
I have added a couple of photos to the site under the Galleries section then Member Photo uploads.
16 September 2018 - London

Terry Anderson |
Just to say that I am so glad to have found this site. Reading some of the messages bring back so many memories. In the school photo 1965 I am the good looking guy on the far left in the third row. Anyone remember me?
10 September 2018 - England

Terry Anderson |
Hi I was at RWS from 1961 - 1965 and my nickname was job. I was the second black kid at the school at that time. I remember Duke whose nickname was spook.
8 September 2018 - London

Terry Sparks |
I was gobsmacked when I read all the backposts, and found a message dated 6th December 2003 from Mel, in Canada. This must have been Malcolm (Mel) Cross - i've been looking for Mel for the last 50 years. If anybody knows where I can contact him directly I'd certainly appreciate it!

Regards, Terry
22 August 2018 - Hertford

Webmaster comments   Hi Terry. Have you tried emailing him on the email address he used? It's

Terry Sparks |
I forgot to say how sad it was to hear about those who have passed on - Gill Lavender, who I remember well, and of course her father the headmaster who I remember with great respect. I heard that one of the Harrison Brothers had also left us.

But, there were many of us still kicking. And so many memories, even of those I haven't seen for 50 years. Like Snowy Cumberland, Ronnie Hoare, and Roger Lancey. So many memories, most of them good!

Regards to all. Stay in touch.
22 August 2018 - Hertford

Terry Sparks |
Regards to everybody I met at the reunion. So many memories - the Walkers, Tony Sloan, Russell Wild, Bernard Snowball,- even Mr Davies, my old nemesis, who once told me that if I didnt forget about football and music and passed my O level maths I would never amount to anything in life!

My regards to everybody. Stay in touch!
22 August 2018 - Hertford

Kelvin Gosling (goose) Athens 1956 - 1960 |
Hi to Kelvin Evans brother of Barry. I remember the Tea Urn incident clearly. So sorry to hear of Barry's passing. We were good friends all that time ago. I missed the Reunion, good to hear it went well. Its a long journey for me plus a health condition. Keep good Kelvin. My sister Margaret was at Sawbridgeworth. She lives in Surrey.
7 July 2018 - Lymington Hampshire

Webmaster comments   Hi Kelvin. Thank you for your message. Kelvin will have received it as he is an administrator for the website. We are sorry that you were unable to attend the reunion and hope that your health improves. It was a grand affair and enjoyed by all. Kindest regards. Anthony
Ditto above kind regards Kelvin, sorry that you have been ill,all the best,Kelvin

david butland |
i will be attending the reunion at the end of this month it will be a bit of a daunting experience as looking through the guestbook i dont recognise any names
15 June 2018 - uk

(Aeron) joe chapman |
This years reunion was very well attended and a fabulous day was had by all
1 July 2018 - London

Mark Stanley |
I have just seen the post in regards to Gill Lavender. We were the same age and I do remember her, as I do her father and Mrs Lavender, very clearly.
So sorry to hear the sad news
29 June 2018 - Sutton Coldfield

Mark Stanley |
I have been looking forward to the reunion since it was announced.However due to my wife making other arrangements only last week, I will not be there. So I say to you who will be going 'Have a great day, I envy you'
29 June 2018 - Sutton Coldfield

Liz Blay nee Lavender |
Some of you old boys might remember Gill Lavender, younger daughter of John. Sadly she died on Sunday at 66. I know her memories of growing up at RWS were important to her. As they were to me her older sister
29 June 2018 - Devon

Webmaster comments   Hi Liz. Thank you for letting us know. We had our reunion yesterday, Saturday 30th June and the news about Gill was devastating. We all send our condolences to you and your family. Anthony

David Bush |
Hello I was at Wanstead from 1963 to 1970. I was in Grenville House, names I remember from those years are Ian Webster, Nigel Tyler, Keith Burman,
20 June 2018 - Birmingham

Webmaster comments   You had two brothers David? One was Malcolm I think and the other was in my year, his first name has escaped me, he was last heard of wandering around South Africa ? Or perhaps that IS you ? I have just recalled his name,Stuart ! Is that right ?

Michael Taylor |
Are there any boys that were at RWS in years 1949-1953. I was in Nineveh House.
30 April 2018 - UK

Kelvin John Evans |
Hi peeps, you will see some messages about our Facebook Group, we have had a few more join us recently and hope that the new blood will liven us up ! Also there is a reunion on the 30th June 2018 at the Snaresbrook site ( now the crown court which is the largest in the UK !) Look forward to seeing you, it is a little overwhelming when you see a face that you have not seen for 40 or even 50 years !
9 March 2018 - Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

Nadine Heng (nee Gray) |
I am filling in my form today to attend the reunion with my sisters, Lyndan and Jill. It will be lovely to catch up.
7 March 2018

Webmaster comments   Great to hear it Nadine, we will all take great pleasure in seeing you.

Barry meade |
A dorm nurse loney
Mr bell mr Jenkins mr corrigan mr Cummings
Mr porter miss Reynolds mr Truro Keith Elwood
John Pyne robin Blackmore Ian & Angus Cummings Jamie Lindsay Paul Dobbs Stuart dutton Robert maddock his sister Sandra piper melody Baldwin Ruth Dixon Christopher Sey Susan. Mia roger Davies Lee naylor two mc Mahon brothers Colin Wright mark bright
Many more who is hall try to remember
6 March 2018 - Newcastle

Webmaster comments   Hi Barry, did you know that there is A Facebook page for the old boys (and girls) ? Christopher Sey has passed I am afraid.
To attend the next reunion on the 30th June2018;

Dad grinham |
Hey anyone remember the name of the sweet shop on the corner that used to sell us flags
24 February 2018 - Brixham

Webmaster comments   Pugsons Dad, did you know that there is a Facebook page for old boys (and girls) ?
To attend reunion on the 30th June 2018, see ;

Richard Mecklenburgh |
I have just Registered - How do I change the password I have received?
23 January 2018 - TAS

Webmaster comments   Hi Richard. The registration process that you used was on the old website and is no longer used. The files have been removed so no password is required. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please visit in the future. Thank you.
Anthony Finch. Webmaster.

Bryan Barns |
Hi all
I was a pupil at Royal Wanstead late 50's and 60's. I was a class 2 marksman on the firing range and held a commodation and record for being one of the fastest on the assault course. I remember things like the sailing club, the smoking bush where some of us use to hide to have a fag, sneaking across the traffic lights to buy a packet of cigarettes in the little shop in front on the front gates by the traffic lights. Standing on parade square which seemed like hours at the time. I remember the big organ in the chapel. I was confirmed in the chapel in 1964. Lots of lovely memories of people like Steptoe and Cavs and the rest of the guys. Who remembers doing prep for 2 hours a night.
Best Regards
Bryan Barns

PS I certainly remember the headmaster Mr. Lavender. I believe I did receive the cane from him once or twice.
21 January 2018 - Essex

Webmaster comments   Thank you for your message Bryan. Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion.

Mike Harvey |
Hi All on reading the messages I notice very few from Babylon House 1958 to 1962 have we all lost interest with a get together this year was wondering is anyone going.
30 December 2017 - Worcestershire

Webmaster comments   The next reunion is at the old school in July Mike. Please see

Jake Wilson |
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year
3 January 2018 - Nottingham

Webmaster comments   To attend the next reunion on the 30th June 2018;

William Dwyer |
Just to say what a great site I was at the school with my two Brothers Peter And James 67 to 71.
3 January 2018 - Witham Essex

Webmaster comments   To attend the next reunion on the 30th June 2018;

Dave Penny |
Hi Jim, happy Christmas and a good New Year. Can't remember which house I was in, but Mr Geary was house master.
20 December 2017 - Taunton

Webmaster comments   Did you know that we have a Facebook Group for old scholars who attended the RWS ?
To attend the next reunion on the 30th June 2018, see ;

jim smith |
Seasons greetings to all. I was in Athens/Monty 60-64.
20 December 2017 - Taunton - prevoisly Colchester

Webmaster comments   Did you know that we have a Facebook Group for old scholars who attended the RWS ?
To attend the next reunion on the 30th June 2018, see ;

Dad grinham |
wogg sinnot 1960 can you call me
17 December 2017 - Brixham

Charlie Wilson |
Whilst a touch few days early love to wish all Ex Pupils and Friends and ex staff a very happy christmas, and healthy new 2018.Ask where has 47 odd years gone since our home we all knew, yes there was good and bad times , but put most of us on a good road in future life, Merry Christmas to you all x
15 December 2017 - Bournemouth, Dorset

Webmaster comments   Did you know that we have a Facebook Group for old scholars who attended the RWS ?
To attend the next reunion on the 30th June 2018, see ;

Kelvin Gosling - (goose) Athens 1956 - 60 |
Good wishes to any of my old friends. I occasionally check out the site but do not recognise any names. We will all be in our eight decade now. Where did the time go. Good memories of a school that set me on my way in life
16 November 2017 - Lymington, Hampshire

Webmaster comments   Hello Kelvin, this KELVIN (Taffy) Evans. Barry's brother (of tea urn fame). I am sorry that he did not attend the reunion when you were there ? Are you going to the next reunion in 2018 ? I am sorry to say that Barry has passed. Hope to see you, regards Kelvin.

Anthony Finch (Webmaster) |
News for 2018
The next reunion is 30th June 2018
Contact details will be posted here for tickets.
27 October 2017 - Norfolk

Webmaster comments   Did you know that we have a Facebook Group for old scholars who attended the RWS ?
To attend the next reunion on the 30th June 2018, see ;

Peter Maddern |
Sorry for the typo Mark I meant how old are you now?
8 September 2017 - Isle of Wight

Peter Maddern |
Yes Mark, Mr Andrew Cheralumbas was a Greek member of staff teaching Maths for one year in 1968 when I was in 3a. He trialed for Arsenal, failed and took it out on us. I cannot remember a Mark Stanley - when we're you at RWS and what House were you in? How old are you one?
8 September 2017 - Isle of Wight

Wilfred Ager |
I have a few photos of Churchills vist if your intrested email me
20 August 2017 - Surrey

Webmaster comments   Would appreciate that Wilf

James (Gogs) Gardner |
Good to see there is still activity on the Guest Book. Hope there will be another re-union in 2018 and there are still Friends from past School Days who can attend
9 August 2017 - Beckenham, Kent

Webmaster comments   Next reunion is 30th June 2018 James, did you know that there is a Facebook page for old boys and girls of RWS ? I will ask Anthony (the webmaster) to show a link to the form needed to get a ticket ! Hope to see you there !
This is the link;

Mark Stanley |
Hello to Raymond Harvey, I remember you quite well, just looking at your old post.
I am in Birmingham, em ail me if you would like to meet up.
7 August 2017 - Birmingham

Mark Stanley |
Anybody help me here. Was there a teacher at RWS going by the name of Mr Charalambous? Or have I imagined it
29 July 2017 - Birmingham

Kelvin (Taffy) Evans |
I hope to attend the 2018 re-union and see some of our dwindling band. I find it overpowering to see faces from my distant past and who I thought would never cross my path again, but it is a good experience.
3 June 2017 - Wisbech

Webmaster comments   Reunion is 30th June 2018

Charlie Wilson |
Just to say hello to old friends at RWS, The years are passing bye so fast now I hope everyone is well and life is good to you wherever you may be
19 May 2017 - Bournemouth, Dorset

Mark Stanley |
Hello to anybody who may remember me.Some of the guys I remember are: Peter Bush, Joseph Migdal,Nigel Zeto.David Early, Tippet, Guntis Rebane. I am based in Birmingham, anybody body up for a meet. 0757 2225990
13 May 2017 - Birmingham

Michael De Havilland (Formerly Ademola) |
Looking to contact Paul Grieves, Robert Devereux, Michael Hibbert and any other person who had the misfortune to know me.
07958 500 900
26 March 2017 - London, Surrey & Kent

Peter Maddern |
Is anyone able to help me contact MrJohn Turner and Terry Dorrian from 1969
11 March 2017 - Isle of wight

Peter Maddern |
Pupils attending between 1963 and 1971 who knew me please make contact on 01983 407559 I would especially like to hear from Bill Waites.
10 March 2017 - Isle of wight

Charlie Wilson |
Just to remember our dear Friend Dennis Welch sadly passed away 6th Feb 2013, my thoughts go to his Wife Denise and family and his fellow friends at Royal Wanstead School
5 February 2017 - Bournemouth, Dorset

George Sell |
1960 -1966. Juniors C dorm, Housemaster Gordon Bell
Seniors Churchill, Housemasters, John Davies, Smith & Tyeman
Wishing all Old Wansteadians a healthy and prosperous 2017
I am visiting Australia from 15Th Sept - 16th November, visiting Perth, Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane & Sydney. If there are any OWs over there who would like to meet up and have a pint and reminisce about the good old days, please do get in touch.
31 December 2016 - Epsom, England

Tony Radley |
I wish everyone a very Merry christmas and a Happy New Year.
21 December 2016 - Plymouth, Devon

Webmaster comments   Hi Tony, were you a goalkeeper for the school and Athens ( Montgomery ) ?
Did you know that we have a Facebook Group for old scholars who attended the RWS ?
To attend the next reunion on the 30th June 2018, see ;

Charlie Wilson |
Well almost time to wish one and all a very Happy Christmas and healthy new 2017.A big thank you to all involved with reunions and paperwork etc and their hard work in making it possible, Thanks Karen and her fellow helpers, merry christmas to you all .
14 December 2016 - Bournemouth, Dorset

Wilfred Ager |
Sorry to hear Barry Evans has pasted away, I never got to meet him at any reunion maybe because i have only attended two, hope I can make the next
12 December 2016 - Horley, surrey

Webmaster comments   The next Reunion is 30th June 2018 I am his brother Kelvin, I am going to the reunion.

Roger Mew |
I was at RWS 1946-53 when I left aged 11 from the Juniors (East Dorm). Last Monday 12 December I read one of the lessons at the Annual Carol Service in the Chapel which was strange because 64 years earlier in December 1952 I read the lesson at the RWS Carol Service aged 10 and stood on the same spot. Afterwards a lady named Carole Challingsworth approached me to ask if I remembered her husband Charles who has passed away. I did not as she told me he joined RWS straight into the seniors in 1951 aged 11 or 12. Anyone remember him? Best wishes to all- Roger
14 December 2016 - Chigwell, Essex

Graham Clarke |
1959-1965. Have twin brother Brian
24 September 2016 - Chania, Crete

David Hardwick |
Hello to all, I was in Montgomery house and just wondered if anyone I new was using this site. Names I remember most.Stewart West, J. Bates, Andrew Kinch, Steve Clarke, Peter Farr, I also remember Alistair West and peanut croft, Please if anyone has any infomation on any of these people I would be greatful , many thanks.
8 September 2016 - Birkenhead,

charles wilson |
All seems a little quite on here, hope everyone is keeping well and life is good.?
2 August 2016 - Bournemouth, Dorset

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