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Robert kerr |
i attended this school from 65-69 i was in churchill house, i enjoyed looking at this website after all these years, i only recognised a few people, if anyone which one is me in the school pics could you point me out?
23 September 2007 - oxford

Kenneth (taffy) Evans |
Found the site after all these years. Have made contact with a few past friends, Lee and Graham (spotty).Great effort by all to have created the site. I will certainly make an effort to attend next years reunion. Churchill 64-69
21 September 2007 - Sydney Australia

Dave Dyer |
I have just received a mail from Dave Cable with the sad news that his brother Keith passed away after a short illness on 15*12*04 aged 55. He has been trying to contact me for some time and i thought it would be nice to mention him here.I knew Keith fairly well at RWS, hopefully it is never to late to say how sad we are to all of Keith's family for the loss of their loved one. Dave and Marie Dyer
19 September 2007 - Galicia Spain

Derek Allen |
I was at RWS around 54/56 our dorm over chapel nurse Jones our carer teacher Miss Bothwell had a great time.
4 September 2007 - Maryborough Victoria Australia

mike harvey |
i have now made contact with wilf agger, paul shearer, kelvin gosling and vic burling of the 1960 form 4b anyone else please get in touch.
2 September 2007 - worcestershire

Nigel hobro |
I was 14 when the school closed; myself and stephen Ponsford were sent at he foundation's expense to a public school, Berkhamsted,for the rest of our education. This was a magnanimous gift. when I remember the head boy Caitlin staying on to get "O" level french grade 4!! Consider that Stephen and I with help of private education got places at Imperial college London and Oxford it shows how the foundation's money can unlock gates.
30 August 2007 - Liverpool

Elaine Lydon |
Hi there have been trying to put a message on here for quite a while now but for some reason this machine is not allowing me to, so if I do get through I hope someone can remember me from RWS BETWEEN 1965 TO 1969 those were the best years I can remember. Can remember all of the school and most of the girls My close friend there was Julie Taylor and we are now in contact, and even went to see the old school last week, What Memeories. Would love to hear from anyone during that time. Elaine
17 August 2007 - England

David B |
I used to live in Waltham Forest and remember the school in the 60's as my parents used to take me and my sister on walks through the Eppping Forest most Sundays in the better weather. I remember looking through the gated walls, across to a lake and the main buildings and recall what looked like temporary classrooms on the site.

I feel a bit invasive commenting on this site as I did not attend your school, but I was educated at day schools very close by. There is a range of good and bad experiences written about on here. Some obviously have less happy memories than others, and to be sent away as a child to live at school must have been initially a hard cross to bear.

All I would say is that people like me were also going through a mixed range of experiences at other schools. Most of my own memories were not that good either, and I wonder would I have faired better in a boarding school. On balance I think had the chance been open to me, I probably would have done. But I cannot re-write history. While for the majority your experiences and memories are mixed, I am sure that by and large, thousands of children did gain from the experience of association with RWS. For as long as the charitiable foundation comntinues its work, ever more young people will be provided with that opportunity to benefit. I wish the RWS Charitable Foundation well, and thank the creators of this site for drawing our attention to its history and continued work.
17 August 2007 - Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England

Ernest Thomas (c/o Keith Neat) |
11th. August, 2007

Greetings and best wishes to all former pupils and staff of the Royal Wanstead School (1962-1971).

Thanks to the technical skills and kindness of Keith Neat I am able to send this communication. Iím afraid this world of technology has eluded me!

When the RWS closed in 1971 (a very sad time in my life) I moved to Ipswich in Suffolk and taught English, Drama and of course Cross Country Running for 26 years at Ipswich School (H.M.C.). I was compulsorily retired in 1997 (they canít do that now!). However, I started immediately supply teaching for Suffolkís primary schools in the Ipswich area. Believe it or not Iím still doing this! Itís certainly very different from the RWS and Ipswich School. I could write a book on my experiences.

It was great when Keith contacted me a couple of years ago. Iím very grateful for all the kind messages Iíve received from many ex-pupils through Keith. Thank you all.

Today Keith and his partner are taking me out to lunch in order to celebrate my birthday, which is actually on the 25th August. I canít bear to write down the number but, if you really want to, you can work it out by reading this missive very, very carefully! I sound like a schoolteacher!

If you would like to write to me please do, and I promise Iíll try to reply.

God bless you all,

Ernest Thomas

PS. Iím still running, but sadly, without MPD.
12 August 2007 - Ipswich, Suffolk

Webmaster comments   I have removed the address posted. If anyone would like Mr Thomas' address please email me or Keith. Thanks. Anthony

Susan Thorning |
For those who knew Richard Thorning who taught at the school this is from his daughter. Would love to talk to anyone who remembers him as he passed away November 2006
11 August 2007

Brian Moakes (smiler) |
Hi I was at RWS 1968-1971 when it sadly closed. Contrary to what my brother said I for one did enjoy the reunion and am looking forward to July 2008 for the next one. I remember the hostie brothers, brown,poulton,slug ainsley.coveney,mini dumbar,taffy evans,smith etc,Got the cane only once by the deputy MP Davies (rat) but I did skip 2 lessons ,missed detention and broke a window with hostie so I guess I had it coming.If anyone remembers me let me know as memories are precious.
10 August 2007 - Kent

John Wisbey |
I was at the school form 1964- 1968
3 July 2007 - UK

Keith Jemmett |
Sadly Chris Sey passed away on the 2oth June 2007. His funeral will be held Friday 29th June at Oxford Crematorium, Bayswater Road Oxford at 1030am & locally afterwards.
27 June 2007

dave spinx |
i came across the site by accident! blimey. its certainly brought back a lot of memories. perhaps someone could mail me when the next reunion is.
11 June 2007 - surbiton. surrey

Keith Jemmett |
The next RWS re-union has been booked for
Details will follow in the newsletter
29 May 2007

Steve Sampford |
Does anyone know when the next reunion is? Not many messages being posted at the moment.
28 May 2007 - Harlow. Essex

Dave Wakeford |
Very sad to hear belatedly of the death of Andy Thorning. Until the last reunion I only remembered ĎMr Thorningí as a slightly scary and stern character complete with crew-cut. He did however organise the sailing which I loved. However, when I attended the last reunion I was please to see him in a different light as I was now of course an adult also, I met him on the steps and together we walked down to the old metalwork shops and had a good nose around then down to the lake and we chatted like old school chums. I think that in a way is what we all were teachers and pupils alike although we never dreamt of it when I was at school. He was a warm and understanding man and I felt totally at ease with him as if we had been friends for years. From my own point of view I must say I have few good memories of my time at RWS and only decided to go to the reunion out of curiosity but have to say I enjoyed it and would go again.
Best wishes to all
Dave Wakeford 1953 Ė 1959 Babylon
25 May 2007 - Camb's

Keith Jemmett |
8 May 2007 - Hounslow, Middlesex

Colin Meadows |
I see that there is the annual call for funds for the RWS Foundation. How much does the foundation pay out annually for educating, for either boarding or for day education.
7 May 2007 - UK

colin morrison |
I also meant especially to thank Keith for a great site too---of course. Best wishes for a great summer (or winter in Oz) to all Wansteadians.
30 April 2007 - uk

Colin Morrison |
Keeping the dream alive.

This message, unashamedly, is my periodic appeal on behalf of what is now called the Royal Wanstead Children's Foundation. The Foundation today helps children and young people just as the old RWS helped all of us. In the 36 years since the old school closed, the RWCF has helped support more than 1,600 children at over 120 different boarding schools. These children (and many hundreds more besides) need all of our help. Please donate whatever you can afford, whenever you can afford it. You can donate by credit/ charge card via the web site. PLEASE support this great cause that is so close to the hearts of us all. Thanks Anthony for the great site, and best wishes to everyone who remembers the good times at Snaresbrook (and Sawbridgeworth) even though of course it wasn't always good.For the good times,
Colin Morrison (1957-69, Nineveh, Grenfell).
30 April 2007 - uk

Christine Garwood |
My brother Brian and I started at RWS in the Nursery in 1952 went through Prep and Junior school and left in 1958, I only found this site a month or so ago have been reading everything, have only noticed a couple of names from my time, very male orientated site but good to keep in touch where you can. I have a very badly damaged 1955 Junior school photo so if you can post your copy Michael Barrett that would be so great. Cannot say my stay was a happy one, missed my Mum but she was too ill to look after us, not all bad though can remember some good things. All the best feel free to email me if you want to.

Chrissie Hudd
29 March 2007 - Hampshire, England

David Pearcey. |
Anyone from 59-62 remember me?
19 March 2007 - Australia.

james smith |
i was in athens house 60-64 originally from colchester.
5 February 2007 - taunton somerset

Kim Johnson (Jonny Johnson) |
I first made contact with the guys (crazy Gang) in 1999 and it was the first time apart from a visit to take some photo's in the early 80's. Even though I hated being at the school right up to the day I left the contact with Ian, Tony, cyril, David, Rod, Nick, Keith gave me an insight to some very important roots that I did know existed. I did have some good times and a lot of fun, I ran away 2 times and got canned twice, I did lots of stupid things like let all the rats loose in the Lab (remember Mr Hurl) and got canned. I was very lonly at the school even though I had many friends, I only appriciate this because I am a Dad now and I understand the emotions of it all. This web site and the crazy gang have helped to give me back balance and remember the fun times, in many ways now I feel I was lucky that I had at last 5 years of a stable childhood!! I am proud to be a old Wansteadian and your all a great bunch of people - THAT IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT
22 January 2007 - Melbourne

Dave Penny |
I know exactly what you mean, it took me 44 years to pluck up the courage to make a post on this site
8 January 2007 - England

MichaelBarrett |
I was at RWS from 1954 to 1957 at the Junior School. I have a couple of photo's I would like to send, a class photo of Form 2R and the school photo from 1955, I trust everyone has had a good christmas and a happy new year.

This is the first time in 50 years that I have tried to contact anyone from RWS. I think it has taken all this time to get over the experiance of the place.

Michael Barrett Melbourne Australia.
7 January 2007 - Melbourne Australia

Jim (Wax) Walker |
It was sad to hear of the passing of Andy Thorning last month. I chatted with him at the reunion and once he was told my name he remembered that he had caned me on my last night at school (started work with the stripes on my backside. He was standing in as Nineveh(Grenfell) House Master while Kieth Ellwood was away; painful memory but it still brought smile to our faces.

Any way trust you all had a good Christmas and New Year. Let's hope 2007 is good for all of us.
5 January 2007 - Lincolnshire, - England

brian thompson |
hi i was at rws from 1968 till 1971 i was in dorm b above the chappel.
house master corrigan i rember john hostie and his brother eddie also keith butler also love to hear if any one remebers me
4 January 2007 - suffolk uk

Anthony |
Happy Christmas to all.
Best wishes Lynne and Anthony
25 December 2006 - Norfolk, England

Dave and Maria Dyer |
Dave and Maria would like to wish all ex scholars and staff of the Royal Wanstead School a Very Happy Christmas and New Year. Best wishes to all
23 December 2006 - Spain

Keith Jemmett |

Keith & Bridget
22 December 2006 - Hounslow, Middlesex. England

Tony Friend |
Hi, Just thought I would drop by, its been a while.
Ive now moved to the States to start a new life. Bit late I know, but better late than ever.
Anyway just wanted to wish everone a Merry Xmas. Anyone that remembers me, send me a email. Take care
21 December 2006 - United States

Martin Thompson |
Attended Andy's funeral with anthony as the only ex pupils, Eric Hearle, ex master, was also there.
12 December 2006 - Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Webmaster comments   Lynne and I attended the funeral as did Martin.
Andy's children and his wife were very grateful for all of your kind messages.
They would like to extend their thanks to all ex-pupils that took the time to send their condolences.....Thank you all

Phil Johns |
I was sorry to hear of the death of Andy Thorning. I remember him as metal work teacher during my time from 61-64.
Under his expert guidance I made a pretty outstanding 'flour scoop' and a passable 'picture hook'. I also remember his crew-cut that wasn't particularly fashionable then. Obviously way ahead of his time!

With regard to viewing RWS with rose-tinted specs, I remain ambivalent.
I remember crying all the way through my first term. Being away from home and all that was familiar was a painful experience. But having observed my three now adult children, I've learned that growing up is a painful experience wherever and whatever. I've also had many occasions for tears in adult life. It never ends.
Yes, RWS was a hard regime. Thankfully, I never experienced bullying, but I do remember being caned on my backside wearing only pyjamas more than a few times for committing the most minor aberration.
My RWS experience is not a particularly happy memory, and I must confess that I do find the "keep the dream alive" mantra pretty galling.

But how many of us turned into muggers and various other types of violent crime like the poorly schooled and undisciplined young men of today.

Maybe the system is just never perfect.

Finally, if it's not too early to say, a very happy Christmas to everyone.
7 December 2006 - Canterbury

Steve Harris |
Another old boy
At Royal Wanstead (1963 1966 ).Housemaster Mr Corrigan .Head teacher Mr. Potter.
Senior school .House: Nelson. Housemaster: Rhino .Forgot his real name .
If by chance anyone does remember me it would be good to hear from you.
Regards Steve Harris.
7 December 2006 - England

Anthony |
Hello chaps.Attended Andy's funeral.
Just me and Martin. Shame that more couldn't come.
Very sad.Guess at our age this is going to be more often.Andy's (Dick's)wife, daughters and son would like to thank all for the kind messages that they received.
Personally I can't believe that a man that looked so good at the reunion has gone.Just like that!

Cheers all

4 December 2006 - Norfolk

Debbie Chowns (maiden name Thorning) |
On behalf of the family of Dick Thorning I have sad news that Dad passed away on 17th Nov 2006. I know he attended many reunions and RWS was a big part of his life as it was for us growing up there in the late50s early 60s until we moved to Norfolk when it closed. Dick leaves his wife Margaret, 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 1 greatgrandchild.
27 November 2006 - Norfolk

Keith Jemmett |

A carol sevice in our old school chapel has been arranged by the North East London Justices. This is open to all ex scholars and staff. If you would like to attend please let me know, the start time is 7.30pm.
22 November 2006 - Middlesex

Robert Horwood |
I was at RWS from 1941 to 1953 (so I was a contemporary of yours David Evans; I remember you - vaguely, it pains me now to say - don't know if you remember me?).

It was sad to read David Emery's post, but I'm sure he's right in thinking there must be others whose memories of RWS aren't at all (or aren't altogether) rosy. But the same would go for any other boarding-school, and even for most day-schools. All kids have their problems, and some kids are a lot less suited to boarding-school than others.
My family circumstances were such that to be able to go, aged 7, to the RWS was a great blessing. Suited or not was irrelevant. I don't mean that it was all bliss by any means (as a youngster I always cried at the end of the holidays too - but once actually back at school I adapted surprisingly quickly, as most kids tended to do). I certainly don't remember my early days at Rochetts, as a 9-year-old in the Senior Boys - no Junior School in those days - with much pleasure (except for those gorgeous roast chestnuts - the best I've ever tasted). I've never ceased to be surprised at the fond memories older Old Boys evidently have of their time there; their experiences must have ben very different from mine. But the RWS provided me with a lot of good fellowship, with friendships which have lasted over the years and with a far better education and career than I could otherwise have got. So without (I hope) looking at RWS through rose-coloured glasses I have every reason to be grateful. And the bulk of my memories, by far, genuinely are pleasant ones I'm glad to say, even as far back as Tilehurst (probably because there were GIRLS there!)
18 November 2006 - Finland

David Emery |
It is really difficult to remember specifics about the school as I was so young (6-8?) when I was there (1966-68/69?).
But here is what I do remember:
Crying all the way from Chelmsford to Wanstead on the bus, not wanting to return there. Crying myself to sleep, under the covers of my bed in the dorm with no-one to turn to and no-one interested in my sadness.
Bars on the windows like being in a Dickensian prison. Breakfast sitting at long tables with benches for seats.
Hiding in the hedge that bordered the main road and Victor (don't know his surname) ringing the bell in the woods for us all to turn in, but I didn't, I escaped on at least 3 seperate occasions with likeminded souls. Who they were I cannot recall but I was really glad of their company on our escape missions.
Being found by the Police and returned to my hell and John Lavender giving me 3 lashes of his cane across my hand and driving me to tears.
When I look back now I count myself lucky to be alive as any one of those escapes could have gone woefully wrong but such was my desperation to be out of that place.
When I read about other peoples 'fond memories' and 'wonderful times' they had at Wanstead it's like they are/were in another world to the one I experienced. Perhaps the rose tinted glasses of time has played its role here, but I have no such enjoyable memories on which to draw.
the positive I take from 'that place' was my determination that my own children would not endure such a loveless place.
If anyone remembers being an escapee it would be great to hear from you.
I hope my 'truth' inspires others to be more honest and open about their experiences there as I am sure I not the only one!
14 November 2006 - Essex

David Penny |
I was at Wanstead from 1958/62 in both the junior and senior school. I can't remember which houses but I do remember that I hated my time there and my education improved when I left.
Earlier this year I was in the local hospital, the male nurse seeing to me was also an old Wanstonian from up north. Small world.
30 October 2006 - Somerset

julie martin, was burnell |
just got it into my head to look up royal wanstead,sawbridgeworth. i was there about 1967 with my sister Jean. dont remember alot about it,i remember margaret dutton and a great friend called joyce,and anne gary.
26 October 2006

matt bailey |
i am writing this message on behalf of my brother julian bailey who was a pupil i think from 1963/4 to 1968 he was in montgomery house he now lives in france just wondering if any one remembers him, he used to talk about bob hackett? i remember going to the school for christmas carols and the summer sports day
30 September 2006 - france

David Evans |
I would like to have contact with anyone from 1945 to 1953. Lot's to catch up on.
15 September 2006 - Essex

Joe Clegg |
Read the message from James Gardner who reminded me of some of the other names in our class (Slim Gilbert etc.) I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me and would be interested in attending one of the reunions.
29 August 2006 - Llandysul, West Wales

michael (mini ) dunbar |
just do not know how ampleford remembers all those names. outstanding, glad i had a look at the website after all this time must be getting old all I've seen recently is roger green & ned sharpe like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
28 August 2006 - chelmsford essex

micheal ampleford |
kieth neat( sorry kieth),little richard keene,david greaves&brother paul,terry payne,paul

goodchild("goodie" im sure you had a sister linda?),baz wilkinson,colin rose,anthony

head,the mcmahon brothers,the johnson brothers,ian croft,ian lloyd, kim johnson,ronnie&tim

wilson,steve cox,roger green,g.hodgeson(greg?),nat patterson,mouse morrison,colin

gardner,peter munroe,guy porter,b.baldwin,cyril clarke,alan read,phil palmer,colin hide

(fred) and ithink you had a brother victor,andrew francis,ray harvey,linda riches,paula

turner & christine slade,michael "topcat" topham,peter friend,ian hyslop,colin

glendenning,stephen nuttall,tony mckeown,kieth hurley,fred mason,kenny woods,george

chatoe,snowball,kieth hurley & many more whose names will surely come back to me.

michael ampleford "amps,amples"

"c"dorm with D.L.Cummings 1963-1965 juniors
"churchill"with P.Smith & Big Mac 1965-1969

15 August 2006 - mojacar, spain

Dave Reddick |
12 August 2006 - Nr W.Stoner in Basildon

william hollad |
At RWS from 55/61 remember dad grinham,claude hulbert burling albert bags preggy sergent jarvis bros great to look back at for me were very unhappy times to much canning weird teachers and that bloody prep//
28 July 2006 - fr lauderdale florida

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