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Louis Porter |
1960-1962, anyone there who remembers myself and my twin brother Anthony?
11 October 2009 - Chester Cheshire uk

Clive Austin |
does any one remember me I was at wanstead from 1957 to 1961. I would love to hear from old friends, Eugene, Gibbo, Roger Lancey etc where are you.
28 September 2009 - Norfolk England

Barry Mardell |
Reading Bert Knight's obituary in the Old Wansteadian reminded me of the great time we had as 2nd Royal Tank Regiment cadets. He ensured we had the best equipment available including the arrival of an armoured car (minus half a barrel) a well stocked armoury and enough ammunition and explosives for a very realistic demonstration on open day. I was on the first camp at Honne Barracks in Germany. We had a fantastic action packed few weeks driving Chieftan Tanks, live firing on the ranges, flying in helicopter even cultural visits to the Iron Curtain and Bergen Belsen concentration camp and lots more that hormonal teenagers get up to.

The other event this year that made me think of school was the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. Peter O'Gorman, Montgomary House Master and science teacher got us out of bed and we all watched it on his TV. Wouldn't be allowed in today's PC world!
17 September 2009 - Wimborne, Dorset

Jon Ray |
My memory sure is flawed (but I'm well aware I'm in good company). I was doing a little research and discovered that Project Emily installed sixty not ICBM but IRBM missiles starting in 1958. This confirmed info I got that I started dear old RWS in 58. There is a real dirth, however, of classmates from 58/59. I wonder why. The school seemed full at the time. Oh well. If you attended during this time, I would enjoy hearing. God bless!
3 September 2009 - Foresthill, California,US

Brian Moakes |
Hi, does anyone have a copy of the last whole school photograph taken in 1971? If so please share it with us all.Thanks. Brian (smiler)Moakes.
31 August 2009

Phill Dobbinson |
Thats odd!, just seen my brother, Andrew's, message on this site which i have just discovered a few weeks after he did, though we havent spoken of it!. Anyway- i was in the juniors, B dorm' 1969 through 1970 and echo Andrew's comments in as much as there were plenty of tears on my part on arrival but by the time we left i'd rather gotten used to and fond of the school , made some good friends and had a much needed kick start to my education!. Boys i remember are- Ken Norris, David Bassett, John Holt and brothers Joe and Danny, who's surname i cant recall. I remember my housemaster Mr Corrigan who was a decent kindly chap, Mr Porter the junior's head and the very lovelly Miss Casswell !.I wonder what became of them all?, dose anyone know?, or remember me?.
20 August 2009 - South Wales

Andrew Dobbinson |
Found this site recently and the memories came flooding back,many more good than were bad. Tears when I arrived and tears when I left.My Brother and I were at R.W.S. in 69/70. Phillip was in the Juniors and I was in form 1b Nelson House. We are both in the School photograph of 1969.
11 August 2009 - South Wales

Jon Ray |
1 year, around 57. My dad was with McDonald Douglas Aircraft from California setting up ICBM sites (9) for Britain’s defense against Russia. My mom agreed to let dad take me with him on the project if he would put me in “one of those good English boarding schools.” I can hear the laughter. I was 10. Cambridge Hall, I believe. The curriculum was years ahead of what I was used to in the California school system. Oh, I remember struggling with compositions, French, the periodic table in chemistry (there was a very interesting thin, accentric chemistry teacher with wire-rimmed spectacles and wiry hair), divinity, cross country through the forest, chapel. I recall more. Miss Rocket was in charge of uniforms and sewed. RWS is big in my memory. I spent many hours constructing a glider which I launched from one of the towers and it flew beautifully — right into the pond. Do you remember the huge public pool that was in the forest? There was a German measles epidemic and quite a few of us went into the infirmary for a week. There was a fellow practicing javelin throwing and, as a few friends and I were standing in front of the (back of) the building, I was knocked to the ground from misdirected toss, quite a long one actually. It hit me squarely on my left shoulder — better there than in my chest! This gave a serious fright to the poor bloke throwing! This could go on, but I’ll stop here and give you the chance of answering. Best wishes!
28 July 2009 - California

Barry Guthrie |
any know of OR REMEMBER a John kyle Shirley who was at the RWS IN 1957 .AS I would like to contact him.
28 July 2009 - UK

Barry Guthrie |
I attended the RWS .in 1956/57.
does anyone remember me or my brother Tony
28 July 2009 - uk

john maskell |
are any of you fans of the band the enid if so they are putting a tour together .if so can you let me know so that we meet up at a gig sometime ,or you can always look them up on facebook
27 July 2009 - england

Ian Bonnick |
I attended RWS 60-62? Remember Peter Finch, Nicholas Gasper. French teacher we called "Beaky" butnot much else.
18 July 2009 - Australia

Martin Thompson |
Andy Fennel, where are you? I would like to get in contact some time.
Known as Bomber, in Churchill 62/68
16 July 2009 - Kuryk, Kazakhstan

tim 'willie' wilson |
Hows it going all you survivors of RWS.
Im still social working for my sins. now in stoke on trent.what a dive!!! I must have been programmed for a career in this after all the stick i got from loony parents and the bad experiences i had at RWS.wasnt all bad though cos i can remember some great laughs with great mates for the 5 yrs i was there in churchill was rough at times but not as rough as home.
oh well better get back to work,,,,the computer has just started up again.any one know how to get password for crazy gang site.i had it at one time but some of my clients loaded the entire contants of my house into a van while i was working late on a child protection job.ha life can be funny.whens next reunion??
22 June 2009 - Toke on trent

John Keith Bergman (Minor) |
looking to get in touch with anyone who remembers me or my brother Roy - 1949 - 1959
12 June 2009 - Johannesburg, South Africa

Anne Morgan |
Inspired by finding Robina Browne in this guestbook, I am trying to find Margaret Totten (Peggy), Janet Harrington, and Christine Biney. If anyone has a current address for them I would appreciate hearing from you. We all seem to have scattered to other countries and lost contact over the years. Thanks and best wishes.
11 June 2009 - USA

Richard Peros |
Memories! I was Incarcerated here at the age of six between 69 and 70 along with my two older brothers Dino, who was about eight and Tony who was about ten or eleven. The whole experience was of course a bit of a trauma for myself but I think that my older brothers fared a little better as they were older. My memories from that time are clear as far as the perception of a six year old can be. I remember learning the alphabet and being taught to read and write here from a book about a ship. I was taken to tea and cream cakes in Wanstead by the fantastic blonde teacher who I recited the alphabet to, as a reward. There was an occasion when the same blond teacher asked if a couple of boys would like to volunteer to do something for her, to which half the boys in the school erupted up the fire escape to her assistance.(wow she was nice). I also remember a poignant moment at the sports day (400m) when I was chasing someone referred to as (Lemon Kurd) who was in front of me by a mile. He was about 12, so I didd'nt stand a chance of catching him up but the crowed roared to woo me along with sighs of ahhh. I could have blushed! Some of the other kids made toys out of wax candles, elastic bands and lolly sticks. They used to amaze me as these toys, after winding them up would roam about the dorms for ages (B Dorm, Mr Corrigan's). I also remember Mr Porter (the head) and his labrador dog who I would sometimes accompany for walks in the grounds. He was a first class old school type who had genuine feeling for the children in his care, as i'm sure that this was generally the case for all the staff there. As for bullying, well I don't suppose that there was any more or less variations of psycho-pathological behaviours in that particular institution as any other, (human nature being what it is.)
9 June 2009 - LONDON

vic`[buggsey]burling |
hi all you old boys,at the school from1955---1960 any one out there remember me?
26 May 2009 - murcia spain

David John Williams |
I attended the school early 60's, Nineveh house. Cannot remember any names. I enjoyed the sports, especially the running. Anyone rememberes me?
I have been living in Norway since 1979.
14 May 2009 - Norway

Lynne Jones (nee Bateman) |
Fogot to mention I was at the junior school at Walthamstow before going onto the girls school at Sawbridgeworth til it's closure.
6 May 2009 - Manchester England

Lynne Jones (nee Bateman) |
Just wanted to know if anyone remembers either myself or my sister Janet Bateman.
6 May 2009 - Mancheste England

Barnaby Perkins |
I was CHURCHILL 222 - burned in like a brand mark!!!!
5 May 2009 - New Zealand

Barnaby Perkins |
Greetings to all who were there in the late 50's. I think that I arrived in 1956. I was a worry to John Lavender after doing a bunk and making a home run.I was brought back and offered the choice of expulsion or a beating. I opted for the expulsion but got the beating!!!!

Wanstead was an important formative influence in my early life.

There was violence (not forgotten), despair, bullying, friendship, it was a hard life not too distant from some sort of prison setting (what an irony there is in the current role of the building!!)

I have never forgotten any part of it. There are many people I would love to meet again and a few that I would still happily give a good hiding to. (Assuming that they are not still larger and more fearsome than me!)

John Lavender was a good man. I think that I remember a daughter – Elizabeth?

Years have passed away but Wanstead lives on in memory.

Barnaby Perkins

5 May 2009 - New Zealand

keith looker |
does any one know whats happened to head boy 1969 john catlin and macarmick house master both churchill house
18 April 2009 - witham essex

Does anybody remember a teacher by the name of Mr Mundy he married a nurse who's name escapes me. If anybody can give me any information I would be grateful
13 April 2009 - Rainham

Just been touch with two guys from the old days M sinnott and V burling it was good to here from someone from the old days if anyone remembers me please get touch
7 April 2009 - Rainham, essex

jeffrey williams /denton |
i was e-mailed this site by my brother david williams who was at the school i was looking at some photo s from early 60s wonder if anyone has list of names of kids
30 March 2009 - london

Dennis Welch |
Hello ive had another look
and the more i look the more
iremember. amazing
25 March 2009 - Barking, Essex.

Susan Wren |
At 'The Royal' from 1960-63 - at the same time as Nadine Grey, Paula Turner, Deborah Sinclair, Frances Thorn. Fond memories of watching 'Corrie' in Miss Reynolds room on Wednesday evenings. Not so fond memories of her wielding the slipper! Sad to hear the school closed eventually. Will be visiting this website regularly.
23 March 2009 - Pucklechurch, South Glos.

Hugh Wall |
Greetings and hello after all these years. I moved to NZ in 81 and now teach Professional Cookery in Christchurch. It was the soup and grey potatoes served on Thursday lunch that convinsed me to enter a profession that fed me well. Happy days
28 February 2009 - Christchurch New Zealand

Dennis Welch |
I remember J W- Richards, junior school
same dorm, same class, miss tilbury.
6 March 2009 - Barking, Essex.

jeremy wynston-richards |
Iwas at wanstead 1965-71 Remember steve foster ernie hunt paul plutowski(pluto)rob burns tom kent nigel hobro bob richardson ian sawyer tony and mark brimble can anyone remember the bald headed french teacher
3 March 2009 - new zealand

Martin Thompson |
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Owen Charles Boosey? He was at RWS 62-66, in Churchill House. He lived in Grays Essex after he left RWS.
2 March 2009 - Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Mike 'Wog' Sinnott |
Me again! Have been trying to remember names from the distant past. Does anyone know what happened to: Ray Lee (my Mate) Dad Grinham, Claude Hulbert, Mick Day, Dave Fagin,Peter Plant, Robin Webb,? Waldron, Bonzo & Rusty Perriam,Chris Catchick, ? Kitchen ??
26 February 2009 - Suffolk

Mike 'Wog' Sinnott |
Just found the site.what a trip down memory lane.Babylon '57-'60 anyone remember me?
26 February 2009 - Suffolk

Dennis Welch |
Hi everyone its a great site,Good to know
your all still out there drop me a line.
21 February 2009 - essex ,england.

Colin Meadows |
Last year there was a short piece film of the visit of Winston Churchill to RWS on the television. I only caught the end of it, when his open top car was driving around the field in front of the school. surrounded by RWS pupils including myself. It would have been 56 to 58 era
12 February 2009 - Somerset

Charlie Durnford |
I used to be a pupil at RWS between 1956-1960 and distinctly remember a visit to the school by Winston Churchill but can't remember which year. I believe a school photo was taken at that time. Would you have a copy or know of where to get one! or indeed any other school photos during those years. Most grateful for any help. Charlie Durnford.
9 February 2009 - Alnwick, Northumberland

Richard Bowyer |
I was sorry to learn of the passing of Bert Knight. I remember him as the assistant Housemaster (Babylon) and ably standing in for Mr McDowell on Thursday Evenings, when Mac had his day off! I got to know him and Mr McDowell well, as I was a dorm monitor, along with John Rutson, Slim Gilbert 2,and Andrew Stubbs, who was House Captain, during my time at RWS (1957-62).
10 January 2009 - Essex UK

Phil Johns |
I was sorry to hear about Bert Knight. I saw him at the first of the reunions back in 1992 and he had hardly changed from when I last saw him thirty odd years earlier.
I remember a couple of things about him.
Firstly, he would send one of us to the bank to cash a beautifully handwritten cheque for two pounds. The second part of the errand was to then purchase a varied selection of chocolate bars and twenty Solent (menthol cigarettes if I remember correctly).
Can you imagine? A thirteen year old schoolboy going to a bank to cash somebody else’s cheque and then off to the shop to buy some fags! How times have changed.
My other memory is when he stood in for Mr McDowell as our housemaster.
Some idiot poured water into someone else’s bed and wouldn’t own up. So Bert summarily dispensed six of the best to the entire dorm. Imagine six whacks on the bottom whilst wearing only pyjamas. Like I said, how things have changed.
Mind you, he always gave me A’s for my dubious woodwork and technical drawing.
Clearly a discerning and decent man.
Happy new year everyone.
7 January 2009 - Kent

Elizabeth (Betty) Harrington |
I attended RWS Sawbridgeworth form 1962 -1964. I remember Anique Piriou, Jean Younghusband, Miss Edmed and Miss Fry.Have mixed emotions about my time there.
30 December 2008 - FL. USA

Keith Jemmett |

Keith J
24 December 2008 - ENGLAND

Keith Neat |

Just to let you know that Albert (Bert) Knight who used to teach Woodwork and Technical Drawing and who ran the Cadet Force at Wanstead passed away in October. I was speaking to Mr Thomas (English Master 1962-1971) who gets a Christmas card from Mr and Mrs Knight each year. This year the card was signed only by Mrs Olivia (Livia) Knight. Some of you may know that Livia had been a maid at Wanstead before she and Bert got married. I understand that he had been ill for some time.
On leaving Wastead in 1971 Bert Knight went on to Teach woodwork at a Roman Catholic school in Enfield, North London until he retired. I am not sure how old he was but Mr Thomas seems to think he was in his early 70's.

Season greetings to you all.
Keith Neat
RWS 1961-1971
16 December 2008 - Hertford, UK

Richard Bowyer |
Wishing all old RWS scolars in 1957/62 era a Happy Christmas and New Year
20 November 2008 - Essex Uk

Tim Newstead |
I was at the Junior School for 18 months or so from Autumn 1956 - Spring 1958 with my twin sister Janet. My number was (I think) JBL13. I remember the monkey puzzle tree in the drive (is it still there?), going to the swimming pool in the forest and playing wide games, singing "Land of Hope and Glory" to Winston Churchill, building dens in the wood, going to a London museum to have a fossil dated (it had been found when a stone fell from the roof of the chapel), learning to play hockey, watching "6-5 Special" on a Saturday night on a projected TV screen, the Sanitorium (I had chicken pox!). Sadly, I cannot remember the names of any teachers or fellow pupils. I haven't been back since 1958, but plan to visit the Crown Court building next week – what memories might that awaken?!
21 October 2008 - Cotswolds, UK

Keith Jemmett |
14 October 2008 - United Kingdom

jim smith |
aka trollocks athens/montgomery 60/64. remember. rod green(harmer)- john long, dave cable - fisher brothers - sid monk - colin mewitt - richard dicameades. got bored with school, joined the army, now with police waiting for retirement.
15 September 2008 - taunton

David and Maria Dyer |
We were very sorry to hear the sad news about Marianne, she will be sadly missed. Our sincere condolences to all of her family and friends.
18 September 2008 - Spain

Stella Lamont(nee Goodman) |
I only knew Marianne through re-unions but will miss her organisation skills and literary works. My condolences to all her family and friends.
9 September 2008 - Surrey, England.

Anthony Finch |
Hi all, I have just returned from holiday and heard the news about Marianne.

I am gutted…….

Marianne Thorne was the kindest, bubbliest and most outgoing person that I have ever met.
She was the life and soul of the ‘friends’ and was enthusiastic about everything she did.
I had quite a lot of contact with her when the crazies were formed and since, and this is a terrible loss for us all.
I know that she was quite ill for some time, Lynne and my sincerest condolences go out to her family.
God bless and keep her…………

This my friends is why we have the gang. We have lost good friends and at our age will continue to do so.
Long live the ‘Crazy Gang’ young and old.

Kindest regards

Anthony Finch
9 September 2008 - Norfolk, UK

Webmaster comments   This message from the 'Friends'
The Friends of Royal Wanstead will be sending flowers on behalf of all old boys & girls. If you would like to contribute to this please send a donation to.....

Mary Burbidge (Treasurer)
The Friends of Royal Wanstead School
71 Stag Leys
KT21 2TQ

Thanks everyone

Keith Jemmett
Hon. Secretary

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