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Karen Laverock |
Hi All!

I have now received the allocation of tickets for the Christmas Carol Service that is held by the NE London Justices in the Old School Chapel every December.

This year it is to be held on Monday 12th December at 7pm (for 7:30pm start). Tea, Coffee and Biscuits are served afterwards.

If you would like a ticket please contact me either:-

By Mail: 77 Prospect Road, Woodford Green, Essex. IG8 7NA

By Email: Click my name above for email address

By Phone: 0208 505 5224 (leave a message with your contact details if no answer)

Tickets are limited. Please allow time for me to send you the ticket (last mailing will be Wed 7th December)
8 November 2011 - Wanstead and Woodford

John Slade |
Hi to any of you who knew me, I'm still alive!
30 October 2011 - Surrey

Christine Byrne (nee Slade) |
I was at Royal Wanstead from 1961 and then went to Sawbrigeworth up until it's closure. Am amazed to see photographs of myself on your website. My brother John also attended Royal Wanstead and lives in the UK in Surrey. I have alot of good memories of those days. I have now retired and am enjoying the sunshine in Spain.
13 October 2011 - Spain

Mervyn Davia |
Hi to anyone who remembers me it would have been from 1963 to 1967/68 didnt make last reuion but am looking forward to attending the next one with my sister Crystal.
26 September 2011 - kent

Ruthie Allingham |
Thank you all for a lovely day at the reunion. Spirits weren't dampened by the weather and it was great to meet new friends too. lots of love to all x
15 August 2011 - Bearsted,Kent

Tony Radley |
Great Reunion. It was good to meet so many contemporaries as well. Thanks to everyone concerned in organising this event. I look forward to the next one.
29 July 2011 - Devon

warren stoner |
Sorry could not get to reunion to see you all as been ill. hope you all well hope to see you all soon. warren
28 July 2011 - essex

Rod Harmer(Green) |
hi all, sounds as though the reunion was goos, pleasing to hear Karen has taken over the reins, maybe i will get there again another year, yes crazy gang i am still alive,Norman Conrad, i see you are in new zealand, tried phoning you but could not get through, are you in the bay of plenty or waikato
i am in auckland ph is 098182422 or mobile is 021709297
23 July 2011 - auckland new zealand

pamela frankcom (Jones) |
Good to see a name I remember-Stella Lamont(Goodman) Not many of my vintage left.I was at RWS from 1929 1941
21 July 2011 - Norfolk England.

John Newton Davies |
Good to catch up with so many during the Reunion on the 16th and great to know that Karen is willing to take over the reins from Keith, who has worked tirelessly on our behalf for so long. So, will we see you all in June 2013?
20 July 2011 - Sandridge

john maskell |
if you would like to have a chat you can find us on facebook
18 July 2011 - st albans england

Lionel Steed |
The Reunion earlier today was a moving experience for me. It was the first time I had been back to RWS since 1965 - at least 46 years! I met Nadine Gray (as was) Ned Sharp and Peter Munro, all of whom had been before. All were very welcoming and it was an experience I hope to repeat. Thank you to all the Organisers who work so tirelessly behind the scenes.
16 July 2011 - Bucks, England

Tim Fiddes |
My first reunion.Disappointed not to have seen more of my year,but enjoyed cathing up with Ron Jones(Hoare).
Also very nice to chat with Mr J.Davis
17 July 2011 - Bristol

Richard Bowyer |
Thanks Keith & Co for a fab day, and it was definately a "takeover job" in the Eagle in the Afternoon and Evening! When's the next one?
17 July 2011 - Writtle Essex

Dennis Welch |
Great day at the reunion, So many good times remembered. nice to see you guys looking forward to the next one.
17 July 2011 - Essex, England.

Charlie Wilson |
I would like to say what a lovely day at the brought back so many memories felt like I had never left.!!.Glad to have met up with old friends and thank you to ALL the people that made it possible both organising and hard work put in for the reunion whens the next one ?!! regards charlie wilson
17 July 2011 - Bournemouth Dorset

Pete Munro |
Good to enjoy the company of so many of my contemporaries yesterday, and others besides. Apologies for not being able to say goodbye to everybody at the Eagle - had to dash for my train!
17 July 2011 - Devizes Wiltshire

Karen Laverock |
Thanks to all those that attended the reunion on July 16th 2011. It will not be the last as I will taking over from Keith and ensuring these much loved get-togethers continue. Look forward to meeting many of you in the future!
16 July 2011 - Woodford Green, Essex

Michael George Kirby |
Regret, unable to make the 2011 reunion.
14 July 2011 - UK

crystal rollings (davia) |
first time of reading the guestbook i
recognized quite a few names
3 July 2011 - kent england

butch blake |
hi i was at RWS IN 1958-1959 excelled at football and boxing best mate was SPIKEY MOORE would like to hear from anyone that remembers me
30 June 2011 - barnes london

Peter W Marshall |
I was a Nelson then Babylon boy, and much enjoyed my time at RWS. House Captain and School Prefect.
Loved the sport, Basketball and swimming.
Will be coming to the grand reunion to say hello to friends from all that time ago. Mike Hamill (Indian Curry at your Gran) Rebane basketball. Other nicknames I remember are: Titch, Paris,Peachy, Moocow (Mewitt) and so on.
Too many to remember them all.
The Bush brothers, Andy Williams.
Sorry to hear about John Lavender and Bertie Knight. Lavender was a gentleman of the old school firm and fair.
20 June 2011 - I live in Udine, Italy teaching the Queens English. Before I

Kelvin Gosling (goose) |
Good to see the site so well used. Is there anyone out there from 1956 - 60 who remembers me? Best wishes to all.
30 May 2011 - Hampshire

Janet Renton nee Willis |
I was at Wanstead from 1954 to 1957 and then Sawbridgeworth until about 1962. Some of my fellow pupils from that time: Mary Sponsellor, Rosemary Paxman, Beryl Towell, Christine Biney and Ann Morgan.
30 May 2011 - Kent, England

richard morrish |
Trying to find any one who may have been at the school with Fredick Briggs 1944-51 he jioned the RAF and was killed in a flying accident over Germany
21 May 2011 - Wirral UK

Nadine Gray |
Hi, I haven't visited this website in quite a while. I am planning to go to the re-union in July along with two of my sisters, Lyndan and Jill and Lynda Goodchild. Sonia Naylor and Ruth Allingham are planning to go too. I am hoping we can get a few more girls this time. Unfortunately, at the last reunion I missed Lynda Scott as I had left not knowing she was there. Would be great to see you Lynda. New names from my years in the guest book are Susan Wren and Richard Kilgour, hi to both of you.
13 May 2011 - Nr Windsor, UK

Tim Fiddes |
Looks like my first reunion will be the last.Just in time eh? See you there.
9 May 2011 - Bristol, U.K

Richard Bowyer |
The 2011 RWS Reunion is not to far away now, and I look forward to seeing many of my old school mates from the 1957-1962 era, on 16 July.
26 April 2011 - Essex

bill weights |
I have just posted photo's on my facebook site,from 1964-1970.I will be posting more in the near future
6 April 2011 - Littlehampton West Sussex.

ron hale |
hi i was at rws from 1962 to 1967 i was in 4b when i left hope sombody remembers me
6 April 2011 - alcester warwikshire

Terry Giles |
At RWS from 1951-195I, in Athens house, Flo was my house master. My wife and I are hoping to get to this years reunion. It will be my first. My brother is in poor health so I hope to visit him when we are there. Not to many entries from when I was at RWS. Hope all is well with you all. I always think back at my time at RWS with fond memories. Terry
26 March 2011 - Great Falls, Montana USA

Derek Whayman |
First message deliberate to get your attention.
Anybody going to the reunion this year?
It would be nice to meet up with 'Der gang' and others, eg Gogs Gardner. Nobby Clark - Are you alive? Ring any bells?

20 March 2011 - Woodford Green, Essex

Derek |
20 March 2011 - Woodford Green, Essex

nigel tyler |
hi i was at rws 1964/70, nelson hse if any remmember me please contact
28 February 2011 - rushden

nigel tyler |
hi nigel bayliss i was looking at your photo this morning you our not that far away from me.
28 February 2011 - rushden northampton

Richard Kilgour (1961-65) |
Amazing to come across you lot again. And as for your memory for names Amps - extraordinary! Best wishes to anyone who knew (and can remember) me.
4 February 2011 - London

Sonia Sharrad (Naylor) |
Very Happy New Year to all. Especially the girls of RWS 1962/1965. Hope to see lots of you at the reunion.
22 January 2011

Nigel Bayliss |
See my & rws facebook for rws photo's.
18 January 2011 - Milton Keynes

Nigel Bayliss |
At rws(senior)sep 67-july 71
15 January 2011 - Milton Keynes

Norman Conrad Senior Boys Babylon 71 1945-52 |
Happy New Year to all RWS survivors. Not many messages from my contemporaries, where are you Geoffrey Horrocks, Douglas(?) Campbell, Bradbury from whom I bought Chanticler et al ? Greetings to Swithenbank in Vancouver "Rocking Gerry Petkin in Essex, and John Smith in Kent.
9 January 2011 - East Surrey

Webmaster comments   Norman, you may not see many of your contemporaries here but rest assured we are all brothers and wish you the very best for the new year

Keith Jemmett |
31 December 2010 - ENGLAND

Anthony Finch |
Happy New Year to you all.
30 December 2010 - Norfolk

Stella B. Lamont (Goodman) |
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all who remember me.
I still cannot believe there are so few 'OLD GIRLS' in contact on website. I WAS AT Snaresbrook 1930-39 THEN Ingatestone 1940-45.
28 December 2010 - Surrey'

Dave Penny |
Hi Jim, may see you down the reform club one evening. Happy retirement
26 December 2010 - Taunton Somerset

keith looker |
wishing every one a happy xmas and a better new year
26 December 2010 - essex

Anjali Peters (nee Biswas) |
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, either from RWS Snaresbrook or Sawbridgeworth.
Only people I have been in touch with since leaving school are Angela Barnes and her brother Stephen.
22 December 2010 - Somerset

Jim (trollocks) Smith |
Just retired after 36yrs with local police. No more shifts - just relaxing watching granddaughters grow up.
Happy Christmas and a good new year to all.
21 December 2010 - Taunton, Somerset.

Richard Bowyer |
20 December 2010 - Essex

David and Maria Dyer |
Well its that time again, another year almost at an end and time to wish you all the very best for Xmas and the New Year 2011.
20 December 2010 - Spain

John Barkwith |
I was at RWS from about 1947 to 1951. I saw the post from Roger Mew who I remember very well. Also remember Howard Carroll and Barry Moule but I haven't stayed in touch with anyone. Sorry to see from another post that Jackie Hannah had died
15 December 2010 - Montreal, Canada

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