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Anthony Finch |
Hi all,
22 October 2013 - Norfolk

Webmaster comments   I have been running this website now for coming up to twelve years. I think that it's maybe time to update it. I am adding the facility for those that want to, to add photos of their own. If you want to then please email me and when the gallery is up and running (should be in a few days) email me and I will give you a login. Kindest regards, (Dicky Bird) Finch (Finchy) (Webmaster) I would be very grateful for anyone who has RWS photos to send them to me. Thanks.

Robert & David Byrne |
To all that knew our eldest brother Stephen Byrne's (class of 61-school closure), we are sorry to inform you he sadly passed away on 21 august 2013.
He had very fond memories at this school and lived a very happy life lots of family and friends our love goes out to everybody who knew him.
20 October 2013 - Harlow Essex

Webmaster comments   So sorry to hear the sad news about Stephen. My thoughts are with your family at this sad time and I offer my sincere commiseration to you and I am sure that all of us will join with me to send the family our condolences.
Kindest regards. Anthony Finch.

Sue Pollard |
I worked at RW in the early sixties just wondered if anyone remembered me
9 September 2013 - Rochdale

Jim Walker |
Is thereany way to print off a readble copy of the Wansteadian 1964?
15 July 2013 - Market Deeping, Lincs

Jim Walker |
Well done to Karen and co. lets hope it can be done again.

It was great chatting with J Davies - what a memory!
15 July 2013 - Market Deeping, Lincs

David Shiner |
RWS Junior School 1948-1951 in East House. Transferred to Reed's. Now retired to Nottinghamshire after a lifetime living and working in the London Area.
15 July 2013 - Newark on Trent

Steve Sampford |
Just want to send my thanks to Karen & her team for making it a great day at the reunion, always brings back memories for me,For the next one, we will have to try and contact as many ex pupils as we can via the social networking sites,Facebook etc.Thanks again. Sam
3 July 2013 - Harlow Essex

Steve Sampford |
Enjoyed the reunion on Sat, nice to see people again.
2 July 2013 - Harlow Essex

Charlie Wilson |
Thanks to forws and everyone who made the Reunion Day such a pleasant time. Shame not to many faces from my years 64/71 however chatting to lots of you, and over the Pub after ended a nice Day.Again thanks to Karen and her team for the hard work involved in making all of the day go well.! Hope everyone got home safely and see you on the next one.
30 June 2013 - Bournemouth Dorset

Norman Conrad |
30/6/13. I went to the re-union at RWS yesterday. Numbers were very much diminished from previous events. I would like to contact anyone from my years 1945-52. I was in Babylon House with Mr Brassel as Housemaster.
30 June 2013 - Tandridge Surrey.

David Grayston |
Sorry not to be at the reunion this time as on holiday. Happy memories of RWS 1947-1954. In regular contact with Mike & Brian Curtis, Dick King, Peter and David Embery and brother John.
28 June 2013 - Frinton-on-Sea, Essex

michael day |
Looking forward to 29th June 2013 reunion my years at RWS 1953-1958 Babylon hope to see some fellow pupils
22 June 2013

Richard Bowyer |
Unable to make Re-Union on 29th June as it clashes with my son Ian's Summer School Fete at Borehaam Primary (Essex) where he is now the Headteacher.
16 June 2013 - Writtle Essex

Peter W Marshall |
Flying in from UDINE, Italy to celebrate an RWS
Old/young boys re-union, and see if I can recognise any faces and classmates or House pals. Babylon/Nelson
11 June 2013 - UDINE, Italy since 2008

Nick MacDonald |
Big thanks to Mick Bassett-May for his support for the Burnham British Legion Poppy Appeal.
11 June 2013 - Berkshire

Charlie Wilson |
Grand Reunion Saturday 29th June Just in case former pupils/staff havent been contacted.Its on.!! You need to get a ticket from the Hon Secretary Karen at this email: your last chance to get a ticket is before 17/06/13. Again look forward to meeting up with former pupils and Staff,Regards Charlie.
7 June 2013 - Bournemouth Dorset

Mick Bassett-May |
John Long; Re-union details of 29th. June 2013 are posted here (check date 28th. Feb) tickets are 10 each, cheap at tice the price, and short cut would be to send email with ALL your contact details directly to Karen at sec@ Cheers, hope you can make it. Mick
24 May 2013 - Laindon Basildon Essex UK

Jim Smith |
Can't make June reunion, but one day will get there. Nice to see John Long's name on the site, we spent most of our time fighting each other for fun.
20 May 2013 - Taunton, previously Colchester

John Long |
I would like to know more details about the reunion.
16 May 2013 - London

Michael Day (Mick) |
Just to give my new e.mail address,have moved to sunny Norfolk well it is today
7 May 2013

Mick Bassett May |
To James (Gogs) Gardner. Yes, there is definitely a re-union for 29th June and "All the usual suspects" are welcome, but, I'm afraid, it is by ticket, and because of overheads that need to be met due to RWS's present status, I'm afraid we are having to ask 10 per ticket. These can be obtained from our Chair, Karen, at and if you could forward all relevant contact details to her for our 'all in one' database so that we can colate all under one roof, it would be appreciated. In light of all that, look forward to seeing you on 29th! Mick
15 April 2013 - Basildon Essex

David Bambridge |
Flying in from the US on 22nd. Visiting family and attending reunion on 29th. France for a couple of days to visit cousin in Cannes
29 March 2013 - Florida, USA.

James (Gogs) Gardner |
Interested to hear of the Re-Union on Saturday 29th June 2013. Is this to be an official Event ?

If so, look forward to meeting old Pupils and reminiscing on Old School Days long gone but not forgot
10 March 2013 - Beckenham. Kent

Mick May (was Bassett) |
I was 8 when I started at RWS in 1966 and in Juniors was in D -St Georges- dorm to 1969 and then in Grenfell from 1969 until and left, aged 13, when it shut its doors in 1971. Kinda hated the place at the time, but it wasn't until I then went to another boarding school that I realised it wasn't the worst place in the world.
Have managed to contact a few old buddies and chat with several more around the globe on the Facebook site, and joined the FoRWS committee with Karen to help keep the re-unions going as I managed to miss out on so many -only been to two, 1981 and last one, as I didn't know they were taking place! Have some strange memories of the place, kinda crap with names, but remember, in juniors, when I first started, had a crush on Penelope (Penny) Yates -head girl if I remember rightly- after she 'rescued' me from a near 'life or death' situation, so if there are any of you girls that might remember her and have any info on her, I never did get to thank her, as she left in 1967 for, I presume, Hyde Hall, and being only 8-9 I was far too young and shy! Hope as many of you as possible can attend this years re-union and look forward to meeting all there.
1 March 2013 - Basildon Essex

Mick Bassett-May |
RE-UNION 2013! (Fanfare please, -da dada da da daaaargghh!!) After the most recent meeting at RWS Snaresbrook by the new committee for FoRWS, we are now in a position to confirm, and pleased to announce, that there will be an RWS re-union this year on Saturday 29th. June. This is to coincide with the 170th. anniversary of RWS opening its doors as the 'Infant Orphanage Asylum', -as it was so quaintly called back then-, on 27th. June 1843! Anyone connected with any of the RWS establishments, be they former pupils or teachers -and their kith and kin- are quite welcome, as we are, quite literally, a dying breed and we would like as many as possible to attend, and hopefully the weather will be a bit better than 2011. For further information, etc, visit either of the THREE RWS sites on FriendsReunited (Discussions) to find (this message) contact details as this won't let me include them here or contact me in reply to this message. Spread the word 'Our Boys -and Girls'!
Mick Bassett-May Oh, would also like to hear from anybody, irrespective.
28 February 2013 - Basildon Essex

Peter Friend |
looking for a old school mate by the name of Ricky Taylor any info please forward on to me thanks
27 February 2013

Anthony (Tony) Hellard |
Sadly it seems that 2 of the 3 RWS sites no longer exist. Are we all dying off?
21 February 2013 - UK

Charlie Wilson |
It is with Sad news to let you know our dear friend Dennis Welch has sadly passed away.His dear wife Denise has just sent a email, our love goes to her and her family Im sure many of you met up with him at the last reunion, we had a great day together.RIP Dennis, lol from CHarlie and your many old friends
9 February 2013 - Bournemouth Dorset

vicky. daughter of johnny wright |
Funeral details
Friday 15th february 2013
Sutton road crematorium sutton road southend on sea essex
Smart casual wear does not need to be black this is johns wishes
Unfortunately no wake as mum is unable to cope with all that as well sorry
Any questions please phone 07824617939
31 January 2013 - southend essex

vicky. daughter of johnny wright |
Hopefully by now most of u will have heard the sad news about my dad. Will be posting funeral details as and when i have them x
28 January 2013

vicky. daughter of johnny wright |
Hopefully u all have heard about my dad by now. I will be posting funeral details as soon as i have them xx
28 January 2013

Rod Harmer (Green) |
HI there fellow crazies, just heard from Gerry Burland with the sad news another has passed on, the irrepressible Johnnny Wright has gone, No details as to the funeral as yet,farewell my friend,and to vicky and the family, even though i am unable to be there, my heart is with you
27 January 2013 - Auckland

Phillippa Robertson (Clear-Hill) |
Would love to hear from anyone attending Hyde Hall, Sawbridgeworth from1952 - 1957
18 January 2013 - Gloucestershire

Trevor Brown |
A Happy and Healthy New Year to former pupils and teachers.
Very sorry to hear of the passing of Noel Syers and friend and mentor during my years at the school.
I enquired as to how he kept his CCF unform so smart, he finally disclosed his secret - Take your uniform over to the school laundry where they will clean and press it for you, which I did from then on. Never mastered the art of spit and polishing the boot toe caps though!
I drive by the school once or twice a year and I can say, nothing but fond memories!
11 January 2013 - North London

Tim Fiddes |
Hated every minute of the eight years I was There
5 January 2013 - Bristol

charlie |
Happy new year to all ex pupils ex staff and all those people who are involved in keeping the RWS together, from Charlie Wilson
31 December 2012 - Bournemouth Dorset

Clive Austin |
wishing all old Wansteadians a happy New Year. Hope to see some of my old friends from the 57/61 era when we next have a reunion.
31 December 2012 - North Walsham, Norwich, Norfolk.

Joe Clegg |
Hello everyone from the 55-62 era.
Have a good holiday. Just spoke to Slim (Richard) Gilbert and he's doing fine.
24 December 2012 - West Wales

Charlie Wilson |
Just to wish both ex pupils and former staff a very "Happy Christmas" and a healthy new year From Charlie former Grenfell House 64/71
22 December 2012 - Bournemouth Dorset

Jim Smith - aka trollocks Athens house 60/64 |
Happy christmas to all.
21 December 2012 - Taunton

nigel gosnall-tyler |
hi to all wansteadians of the past.
have a very happy christamas.
and leglestness .lol
19 December 2012 - rushden,

Richard Bowyer |
Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year.
17 December 2012 - Essex UK

Nick MacDonald |
Haven't been here for a while. I remembenr the Deputy Head with the artifical hand as being Mr. Saddleton who, I believe, took up a post in Canada
8 December 2012 - Buckinghamshire

Martin Radford |
I was at the school during 1962/63. I then ran away and never returned. I remember the school bully always picked me for a sparring partner in boxing and knocked the stuffing out of me. He also liked to hit another boy (Chorcarin?) untill he cried!
1 December 2012 - UK Camberley

Rod Harmer (Green) |
Mike Hale, the master with the false hand was Crandall, he taught Historyt, nicknamed crooked claw after the comic character, pretty sure he was ex army like major baker
24 November 2012 - new zeland

Robert (Tich) Braithwaite |
Thanks for your sad message Alf about the news of M.P.Davies. Always considered him to be a good teacher. If my memory serves me right we were given a half days holiday after he had won the 'Three Peaks Race'. He also did a lots of work to create a good group of boys who went on to represent the RWS in County Cross Country events.
4 November 2012 - Nottingham

Andy (Alfie) Williams |
Mr MP Davies geography teacher / fell runner at Wanstead 1963- ? died early oct cremation at Croydon Crematorium east chapel on monday 5th Nov at 3pm
2 November 2012 - Wells Somerset

Tim Wilson |
Anyone know if there is going to be another reunion at RWS??
30 October 2012 - Pontefract

nigel gosnall-tyler |
still here and trying to send photos which i can not do. (oh by the way, my name changed due to family ties. having spent all my younger child hood with the name tyler and found out that it should of been gosnal-tyler. gosnalls of bentley,ipswich.
28 September 2012 - rushden, northamptonshire

r4icky tyson |
arrived 63 left 66 in churchill michael sly sid monk rayymond baiey slogger thompson were in my class played chess a lot Lavvy wacked me more than once my school number was 265,Mr starr was nick named checkpoint charlie mr thomas took english mr baker took maths mr bell took art the rose twins were my heros cos they could draw better than me good time fuzz fennel was my best mate lived inn lee on sea good time good memories
22 September 2012 - winchester

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