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Steve Parkin |
I was there at the end, but only for a couple of years. I went back a few years ago, very strange experience. And a "spell checker" on the website, would never be allowed by Mr Lloyd.
12 April 2016 - Work in London (City), live in Surrey

Rodney Cox |
Most of this seems to postdate me. I was incarcerated between '50and '54. Couldn't wait to get out. Don't recall John Benwell (message herein) but remember Richard King, Doug Campbell (flautist) and the Hoads. Also remember an earlier Tory fete attended by Winston Churchill who also presented prizes at Speech Day
23 March 2016 - Malaysia

James (Gogs) Gardner |
Good to see activity on this site and some old School Mates !
I cannot believe how time passes it is now fifty-three years since I left RWS
20 March 2016 - Beckenham, Kent

Mark Reddick |
Hi anyone remember me 1966 - 1968 a couple of names from past Tim & Ronnie Wilson, hope to hear from some of you
18 March 2016 - I live in Wiltshire

Micheal Strange |
God you knew how to use that stick
16 February 2016 - Cornwall England

John Benwell |
I attended RWS from 1941 until 1951 Head Chorister from 47-50 Lost touch with Richard King, Michael Curtis, Doug Campbell & the Hoad twins
12 February 2016 - Toronto Canada

Paul sandford |
Was in here with my sister Beverly and my brother Gordon from app 1962 through to 1965 had a few good memories anybody remember Peter noon teacher he seemed a bit scary to me as were a few others just found the site will attend next reunion 2018 with any luck.
6 January 2016 - Near Chelmsford essex

charlie Wilson |
Whilst I hope you all had a great Christmas, its almost time to end another year.Heres to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy new I still hope there's still a few more people around as our Guest Book is lacking message these days ?
31 December 2015 - Bournemouth, Dorset

Bridget Jemmett |
Happy Christmas and a healthy,happy new year. All the best Bridget & Keith
24 December 2015 - London UK.

Rod Harmer |
Well Lumpy hoe the hell are you,festive seasons greeting to you and all other crazies
23 December 2015 - auckland NZ

Charlie Wilson |
Its nearly the time of year again to wish former pupils, fiends, ex staff and their families a merry christmas and healthy new year. Not forgetting Karen Hon Sec and her team of lovely people in arranging functions and re unions at RWS, Alot of free effort and hard work goes into keeping RWS alive by all the team. Thank You, Merry Christmas to everyone connected to RWS.
16 December 2015 - BOURNEMOUTH Dorset

Nadine Heng (nee Gray) |
Just thought to say Hi to anyone who reads this and be the first to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Sadly I have missed the last two reunions but hopefully I will make the 2018 one.
26 November 2015

Webmaster comments   My God it's Lumpy number one. Where have you been??? Anthony

Lindsay East |
Nelson house, 1963/4, just discovered this site. Memories vague, but remember anthony slogan, with whom I played cricket, Harrison, Bernie Marshall, Gittings, Sams, am thinking of others. Great to see the magazine for 1964, I get some mentions. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me, but I was only there for 5 terms.
1 November 2015 - Hertfordshire, England

Kelvin John Evans |
I left in 1964,known as Taffy Evans, Montgomery.Sad to say my brother Barry passed away 24th November 2014.
20 October 2015 - Wisbech, Cambs.

Roger Smith |
Hi just looked up Royal wanstead School I left 1963 House captain Churchill House anyone remember me ?
15 October 2015 - Dorchester Dorset

Rodney Collins |
Just to see if anyone remembers me from Churchill house 1966 - 1968.
I will try to get to the next re-union.
17 August 2015 - Rayleigh, Essex. Work Libya

Robert Allingham |
Remember 7/7

My first ever RWS reunion was in 2005 which was a couple days after 7/7. Despite security concerns the school reunion went ahead. It was a great success. The 7/7 consequences were not fully known at the time.

On my way back home via the Eurostar train. People were concerned about untended luggage - even scanned luggage in the old Waterloo terminal, where a woman mistook me for her dentist.

Robert "Spam" Allingham - Montgomery House, 1964-1970
7 July 2015 - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Robert |
RWS lives.

Just a reminder to everyone to try and support the Royal National Children's Foundation (RNCF) in any way you can. We need more donations to help us help more vulnerable children (just like we all once were). For details of our work and how to contribute, please visit the site.

I must also thank the Friends of Royal Wanstead School and Snaresbrook Grown Courts for organizing this years reunion. Apart from the rain at the end. It was the best reunion ever. Especially the reminiscences in the chapel. Visit The friends of the Royal Wanstead School facebook site for more information

My condolences to Colin Glendenning. Colin and his Mother were reunion regulars. Remember: The next reunion is in June 2018. If you can't wait that long there is the Court's Armistice Day Services on 11th November each year or the Christmas Carol Service to be held at 7.30pm on 14th December 2015.

Robert "Spam" Allingham - Montgomery House, 1964-1970 and last not lest my Sister Ruth.
1 July 2015 - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Keith Neat |
What a great day we had a the reunion on Saturday (20th June). Very many thanks to all who worked so hard to arrange and the run the day for us. Sorry there were not more of us there. Still I have put 30th June 2018 in my Outlook calendar and hope that, with more notice, many more people will be able to attend. Please, everyone who reads this, tell everyone you know so that those who have a long way to travel can make plans for 2018. See you then if not before.
21 June 2015 - Hertford, UK

Charlie Wilson |
Sorry not to be at this Years Reunion on Sat 20th. Very sad not getting there. Please everyone going enjoy the day and hope its a dry day for all the Fun I shall not be enjoying with you. Now I know the time for the next one I will not make any plans !!
16 June 2015 - BOURNEMOUTH Dorset

Alan Owen |
A big public thank you to Joe for helping me out. I am very glad to say that RWS will now be properly represented amongst my online record of CCFs! Once again thank you.
22 May 2015

Alan Owen |

Thank you. I have emailed you by private message - I think it was sent OK. If you don't get it then let me know and I will try again.

16 May 2015 - Somerset

Joe chapman |
I would like to attend the reunion and would be quite happy to pad up
13 May 2015 - London

Joe chapman |
Just read sue pollard message. Of course every red blooded male would remember you. As I remember you were hotter than Vesuvius.
13 May 2015 - London

Joe chapman |
I have a cadet cap badge that u can have, partly worn, it was the badge I wore on Montgomery visit.
13 May 2015 - London

Alan Owen |
I am researching cadet force cap badges and would be interested if anyone has a school CCF badge and know it's period of use. I have been unable to find an example but have seen a photograph of one.
16 April 2015 - UK

Bob (Tich) Braithwaite |
Today is the first time this year that I have been on the site. So sorry to read that Pete (Fido Major) Hyde had passed away. Spent many happy hours with him and so many others playing our games of football on the small pitch near to the cadet hut. It seemed that when ever possible we would pick teams and play until the bell went for meals or back into class. RIP Pete
13 April 2015 - Nottingham

Derek Goss |
I attended RWS 1936-1947. I am interested in information about the proposed reunion in June 15. Also have tried to contact Colin Morrison regarding his booklet via email but do not appear to have correct email address. Can anyone help?
1 April 2015 - Milford on Sea, Lymington, Hampshire

Keith Neat |
Looks like there will be another re-union this year. I got this email from Mick May. Although the link to the Facebook page doesn't seem to be working. Cheers! Keith

Dear fellow Wansteadian's,

I am sending out this Email to notify one and all that the court's at Snaresbrook have approved our request to hold a re-union this year on 20th. June 2015. application forms, etc, we hope, will be despatched soon after.

On this day, for the first time ever, we will be holding a 'limited' cricket match of Old Wansteadian's v the Court's staff, and as none of us will be below 50, we hope to give a good account of ourselves, so all volunteer's welcome.

If you would be so kind as to let me know that you have received this Email whether or not it is possible for you to attend, it would be most appreciated, that way we will know for sure that we have the latest details to register on our database and can keep in contact about further developments.

Of course, for those of you on FaceBook, or thinking about joining, we have our own 'secret' page that you will be quite welcome to join once the formalities are seen to.

Keep safe, "Our Boys"

Mick (Bassett) May
21 February 2015 - Hertford, UK

David Hyde |
Happy New Year to all! I was in Ninevah/Grenfell House circa 1962-67. I was called Fido Minor at the time. My brother, Pete, was Fido Major. Sadly, Pete passed away in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in 2006. But I'm still here!
30 January 2015 - Ward, Colorado, USA

Ian (Hyslop) Cumming |
Wishing a the former pupils and masters of RWS a Happy & Prosperous 2015. If there are ever any more 're-unions I would hope and like to attend.
2 January 2015 - Scotland

charlie wilson |
Happy new year to all former RWS Pupils and Staff
1 January 2015 - Bournemouth Dorset

Adrian Thompson 1951-57 |
Nice to see people still remember RWS.
Happy Christmas and a good 2015 everyone
24 December 2014 - Zeewolde Nederland

Jim Smith |
Merry Christmas, to all.
24 December 2014 - Taunton

charlie wilson |
Would like to wish all former pupils and staff a very merry christmas and a good healthy new year. and anyone who remembers me from C Dorm and Grenfell House 1964/71 please get in touch love to hear from you.
20 December 2014 - Bournemouth Dorset

Richard Bowyer |
Happy Christmas and New Year to all in 1957-1962 era at RWS
16 December 2014 - Essex UK

Wilf Ager |
Hi to anyone who was at RWS in 1957' do you remember Sir Winston Chuchill visiting our school fete, after seaching youtube i found a short clip you may all be intrested in viwing, it was recorded my the Pathe news reel at the time, try typing ( Winston attends fete at Woodford (1957)) , it clearly shows us boys pluss in the background the school building, let me know how you get on thanks.
2 December 2014 - Horlry, Surrey

Ruth Lanwarne(nee Shirley) |
Was anyone at RWS between 1957 and 60.? I was in the infant school. I attended the reunion in 2013
1 December 2014 - St.Albans


Mike Hamill |
So sorry to hear about Colin, he was one of the nice guys. He helped me, along with others from the crazies to lay some particular nasty memories to sleep and for that I am eternally greatful.RIP mate. Good to see some old names still popping up. Still living in Norfolk and working for the local fuzz. Cant seem to bring myself to retire just yet.
4 August 2014 - Norfolk

Peter W Marshall |
Sorry to hear about Colin Glendinning.
My condolences to the family.
Am happy to hear that he made his peace with RWS and attended a Re-Union.
3 August 2014 - Udine, Italy

David Hanley |
What a great site to find after 50 years!! I attended RWS, with my brother Paul from about 1960 to 1964. I don't remember much (probably a repressed memory!!) but I would love to hear from anyone who remembers either Hanley Major or Hanley Minor (me!). Unfortunately my older brother is now deceased and my memory is probably going on me too but it would be nice to see the old place again. I intend visiting the UK next year and will probably go back to the old school (I might even remember the stepping stones in the lake that my brother and I used to 'escape' every Wednesday afternoon instead of doing sports!! I think this website is great and wish all old Wanstonians all the very best from down under (been here for 48 years now!!).
17 June 2014 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Geoff Smith |
I was at RWS junior school 1960 - 63. Every so often I come to this site to see what is going on. Sad to see the notices of those passing, more so those of similar age. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me (assuming they have good/fond memories!! Life was certainly tough but there were some good memories - ie walking across the lake in the big freeze of 62/63. Have only been back once (and that was to sit in the Court - not as the accused I would add).
6 June 2014 - Essex

Tom Ford (Monkey 1959- 64) |
When's the next reunion?
29 May 2014 - England

Richard Burke |
Oh Nigel - what fond memories you harbour !!I would like to say that it was a 'one off' incident but I'd only be lying. Great to hear from you old friend and give my regards to Tony - glad to hear he's still full of it. Hope life has treated you well in that barren land down under. I suppose you still follow that dreadful west London team - still you had a better season than my lot ! Also great to hear from Nick - many many names are coming flooding back the more I think of those days.
19 May 2014 - Portugal

Brian Moakes |
Hi all, I attended the last reunion and paid for a school badge and tie but never received them and have not managed to contact anyone in charge. Can anyone help as I really would like them. Great day by the way. Thanks to all that arranged it.
6 May 2014 - United Kingdom

Nick MacDonald |
To Nigel Adlam and "Turkey" Burke. Remember both of you very well indeed. Best wishes to you both.
8 April 2014 - Berkshire

Nigel Adlam |
Turkey Burke's message brought memories flooding back. I clearly remember helping him escape school out the back gate. We met up a few years later on a trip to Old Trafford. I was the only Chelsea fan on the "United Special" train from London to Manchester. The last I saw of the bloke was him being carried drunk and disorderly onto a train to Kent by his mates. Glad to hear life has turned out well for you, Turkey. Tony Brimble and I still catch up once a year or so. He hasn't changed . still full of it!
Nige Adlam
5 April 2014 - Australia

David Garland-Collins |
I had a year in the junior school in 1959 and 5 years in the senior school, I spent my first term in Churchill and was then moved to Nineveh. Have only just found this site, well done Anthony, keep up the good work.
2 March 2014 - Chingford, London.

richard burke |
Richard Burke (Turkey) 1961 - 1971, started same day as Richard Keane.

Married in 1976 to Helen and have 2 sons, a daughter and 2 grandchildren

Took early retirement in 2011 and currently travelling around Europe for a year in our motorhome - seriously thinking of extending for a further year.

Left school in rather acrimonious circumstances. A few of us went into Wanstead to celebrate the end of our exams by visiting a couple of inns. We were nabbed when we tried to sneak back into school and grounded for the duration of the term. So with nothing to lose I sneaked out of the back gate ( with help from Messrs Adlam and Co) armed with my suitcase at the dead of night - and trundled through the forest to Leytonstone station. Admittedly not the best way to leave !

My recollections of the old school were a mixture of good and bad. Made some great friends and some not so great ! Loved the sports but loathed the classroom - but it certainly taught me stand up for myself ! I was always in trouble, either fighting or trying to break every rule and as a consequence I was practically seconded to Mr Lavenders office and left school with a twice broken nose and a few teeth missing !

Message to Kieth Neat: Could you convey my best wishes to Mr Thomas please. I doubt whether he will remember me as I was hardly his most illustrious student. but he was an inspiring teacher and a gentleman to boot.

Fond memories of Mr Thornton:
He 'lovingly' referred to me, Baldwin and Bigwood as the three B's ( can't understand why !! ). One day the three of us were lurking out of bounds at the back of the sanatorium / teachers accommodation and probably up to no good when all of a sudden buckets of water rained down on us - drenching us to the skin. Looking up we saw Mr Thornton laughing his head off and then he told us to off. We squelched all the way to the dormitory - soaked but quietly satisfied with our punishment.

Also very sorry to learn of the passing of Mr.Best & Chris Sey.
17 March 2014 - Spain

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