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Ian Hammond OAM |
I'm getting the messages as well & the Database back up, so some of the site is working. So not all is lost. Just need a real expert computer tech to assist us with sorting out the other technical hitch.
2 July 2020 - Perth Australia

Webmaster comments   Thanks for letting me know Ian. As you say not all is lost so fingers crossed. Terry

Bob Braithwaite |
Test message for Kelvin Evans
27 June 2020 - Nottingham

Webmaster comments   Thanks for testing the guestbook Bob, so all is working well except
This is good news if members can access the Guestbook. Thanks Bob and Kelvin. Regards Terry

Kelvin Evans |
Do you see this one Terry ?
27 June 2020 - The Flatlands

Webmaster comments   I got the email in my spam this morning and it has posted correctly, good news Terry

Terry Anderson |
If there are any Admin that receive this message please let me know. Iím just about ready to give up now regarding this issue with the website.
26 June 2020 - London

Webmaster comments   I can see it Terry, can you see my webmaster comments ? I managed to post a message with approval from admin so, well done Terry

James (Gogs) Gardner |
I think it will be extremely unlikely we will be able to have a Re-Union this year!
But fingers crossed I hope one can be arranged for 2021 and I would be happy to help if need be.
I trust all ex-pupils are well during these terrible times and best wishes to anyone who remembers me.
17 May 2020 - Beckenham, Kent.UK

Webmaster comments   Hello James I hope you and your family are keeping safe and well. Maybe next year there may be a reunion, thank you for your offer of help. I was at RWS 1962-66, so a bit after you. Regards and best wishes Terry Anderson. Letís hope that by this time next year things will be back to normal.

Stephen Foster |
I hope every one is fit and well.Just a note to say that I have added some more photo's and document's to my profile, whole school and montgomery as well, I shall be putting up lot's more in future so keep watching.Stephen.
8 April 2020 - England

Webmaster comments   Hi Stephen that is great news about the photos, thanks. If you could influence others to do the same it would be good.
Have you considered joining our Facebook group ? My wish would be that all our sites could either be amalgamated or help each other to spread the word. I hope that you are keeping safe and well.
Regards Kelvin 1957-1964

james smith |
There's not too many of us left. So everyone look after yourselves.
27 March 2020 - Taunton, Somerset,

Webmaster comments   Thanks for the sentiment Jim, I wish you and yours the very best in these trying times as well.Have you considered joining the FB RWS site ?
Regards Kelvin 1957-1964

Terry Anderson |
I would like to take this opportunity to ask all our members in these difficult times to be safe and keep well.
26 March 2020 - London

Webmaster comments   Thanks Terry

Kelvin Evans |
Message from Ian Hammond
I have now heard back from Irena about the Celebration of Anthony Finchís life.
The date is the 8th March 2020 @ 7pm at the Cremorne Tavern, Great Yarmouth.
I trust some of you will endeavour to attend, probably require an overnight stay.
25 February 2020 - Wisbech Capital of the Fens

Eugene Anderson |
Attended RWS from 1957 to 1962 and to this day I can still remember Mr Lavender and my house master Mr Grear. I remember these two men with some respect and thanks for the act of changing my life for the better.
21 February 2020 - finally settled in Lincolnshire.

Webmaster comments   Welcome Eugene, nice to see your entry. There are two RWS pages on Facebook for Ex pupils.
There is also
You are free to join one or all of these, good luck. I used to run two pubs in Holbeach and Holbeach Hurn.

Kelvin Evans |
Sad news, I was wondering how Michael Kolargo (was known as Kim Johnson at the RWS) was getting on and looked in at his page. It seems that he passed on the morning of the 23rd December, he had been suffering cancer and was bravely fighting it. RIP
26 January 2020 - Fenland

Dave Bradbury ( Reddick as was at the time) |
Happy new year to you all
5 January 2020 - Polegate nr Eastbourne

Terry Anderson |
Although 2019 has ended on a very sad note with the passing of Anthony Finch I would like to wish all members a happy and healthy 2020.
31 December 2019 - England

Richard Burke |
Very sad to hear about the passing of Anthony - he did so much to keep the spirit of RWS alive.

30 December 2019 - London

Webmaster comments   Thank you Richard, as you say, a very sad day, it is hoped that the site will carry on for the benefit of all ex pupils of the RWS. There will be a period of readjustment.

Terry Sparks |
So sad to hear about Anthony. A true gentleman, and did so much for all ex RWS people. He will be sorely missed.
30 December 2019 - Hertford, UK

Webmaster comments   Thank you Terry, well said, the site will have to go through a period of adjustment but it will be still here to support all ex pupils of the RWS.

Lawrie Nicholls |
Sad news indeed about Anthony, a great shock. He will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace.
29 December 2019 - England

Webmaster comments   Thank you for your comment Lawrie, he will indeed be missed as a friend and as the main guy who was intent in keeping us together. There are several just like him keeping the same ideals going today.

Colin Morrison |
RIP Anthony. Thanks for all you have done for all of us, a friend, soul mate and correspondent for all the years since those shared at Wanstead. Enjoy the rest.
29 December 2019 - London

Webmaster comments   Thank you Colin, lovely words for a lovely chap, he is in a better place.

Terry Anderson |
The passing of Anthony Finch has left a large void in many peoples lives. RIP mate.
28 December 2019 - England

Webmaster comments   We are going to miss him a lot. It was a shock. Thanks for your post.

Kelvin Evans |
It is with great sadness to report that Anthony Finch, the creator and chief admin of this site passed away this morning at 0800 hours. RIP Anthony
27 December 2019 - Fenland

Kelvin John Evans |
That time of year again ! Me and Janet wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.
5 December 2019 - Fenland ( a muddy desert )

John Molloy |
I attended the school from 1966-69 I believe, Nelson house ? John Best was great, playing football for the old boys team, friends, Nigel Zeto, Noel Seyers , Hackett amongst others. Went on to become a Head if PE, later Vice Principal of a large school in Kent. 5 fantastic children Iím retired living in Ireland. John
23 November 2019 - West Cork, Ireland

Webmaster comments   Hi John. Thanks for your message. Nigel Zeto is an admin on this website. If you register you will be able to contact him. I'm sure he would love to hear from you.

James |
We are all getting older!!

I sincerely hope we can arrange another
Re-Union preferably in 2020 and would appreciate those people who have the right contact to consider the matter.

Happy to help.
29 July 2019 - Beckenham, Kent, UK

Webmaster comments   There was talk of a "mini"reunion in 2020 but Anthony Finch passed away suddenly so we are reeling at the moment. There is a "Friends of Royal Wanstead School"site, they normally run the official reunions which seem to be bi- annual. There is an FB page for RWS ex scholars, where there has been talk of arranging a mini get together. There is also the site which is the one who runs this guestbook. There are comments, memories and photos on this site. Please keep in touch, regards

james smith |
Good pictures Kelvin. can you remove my nickname (saves explaining to grand daughters- was my brothers first he had the problem).
Thanks Jim
10 July 2019 - Taunton, Somerset

Chris Bell |
Have only just found this site and would love to hear from anyone who was at RWS in my years there. 1947 to 1956.
9 July 2019 - Etwall Derbyshier

Webmaster comments   Hi Chris, Tony Larkin remembers you well, you were both in the same class.You both attended a radio signalling course with Mr. Gear. You came first and he was third in the whole country !

Nigl Zeto |
Mark Stanley - a voice from the past - C Dorm in the juniors.

Yes, I recall that trip - I didn't go - I think Patterson went, cannot remember his first name
8 July 2019 - Raleigh, NC, USA

Webmaster comments   "Nat" Paterson was the older of two, he was a good footballer, I don't know if Nat was short for Nathan ?

Kelvin Evans |
Hi peeps, I am virtually computer illiterate. However, I have at last posted a photo, in the members uploads under the sports section. I have also messaged three people, two ex pupils and one master. So give it a go and join this site.This site is run by ex pupils for the benefit of ex pupils and staff.With a little practice it becomes very easy to negotiate the site and post on a forum, swap messages or post pictures, give it a try peeps and enjoy ! Regards Kelvin
6 July 2019 - Cambridgeshire Fens

Colin Morrison |
Has anyone heard anything from or about John Catlin?
22 June 2019 - London

Mark Stanley |
Does anybody remember a school trip to a US Navy ship which was moored on the Thames.
I think a few kids out of each class was selected.
7 June 2019 - Sutton Coldfield

Terry Job Anderson |
Hi David itís great to be remembered from all those years ago. I havenít been called Job since school days!! I still have some great memories from my time at RWS, mostly good ones. I hope live is treating you well in the States. All the best Job
24 May 2019 - England

David Bambridge |
Message to Job Anderson: Just saying hello, Job. It has been many years since Nelson. Bamber
24 May 2019 - Lakeland, Florida. USA

Norman Conrad |
I have just noticed David Evans' message posted some three years ago. It is possible that we may know each other as we were both ginger boys and attended at the same time. I was there from 1945-52.
5 February 2019 - Surrey England

Terry Anderson |
Hi Bob I am really glad that you have recalled the story of this happening. You are correct that Graham was leaning his rifle on his foot and accidentally pulled the trigger. I didnít know the guys name, but even though they were blank rounds it must have done some damage to his foot!
30 January 2019 - England

Bob (Tich) Braithwaite |
Hi Terry Anderson,
Regarding your message about someone shooting themselves in the foot I do recall that Graham Thomas (Montgomery) did that one year but not sure of the date. Apparently he had his rifle resting on his boot and pulled the trigger. I wasn't there but do remember the story.
30 January 2019 - Nottingham

Tony Dyer |
Loving the site. Well done guys.

30 January 2019

James Walker |
Sorry to hear about Warren - very sad.

Can anybody shed light on the issue with FoRWS - I must admit I am confused.
13 January 2019 - Lincolnshire - UK

Webmaster comments   Hi Jim. Thanks for your kind message for Warren. We are waiting to hear from the family with regard to the funeral. We have emailed you regarding your other enquiry.

Terry Anderson |
Hi Chris glad you have confirmed the Dartmoor incident I was beginning to think it was all in my imagination! As you rightly say, happy days!
5 January 2019 - England

Chris Dennis |
Terry Anderson, yes I also remember the incident at Dartmoor when someone shot themselves in the foot with a rifle. Happy days
4 January 2019 - Scotland

Terry Anderson |
My thoughts are with Warrens family at this difficult time. I may not have met Warren at RWS but in my heart he is a ĎBrotherí.
4 January 2019 - England

I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year. My thoughts go out to Warren and his family, as I hear he is not feeling too good.
4 January 2019 - Bedfordshire, UK

Webmaster comments   Warren is indeed very ill Peter. Our prayers are with his dear wife Sheila and family.

David Dyer |
We wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year 2019.

Best wishes Dave and Maria
18 December 2018 - Nottingham

Webmaster comments   Thank you Dave. We wish you and Maria a very happy Christmas too. You can of course log in and send your Christmas greetings to all via your profile.

james smith |
Festive greetings to one and all. Still haven't got to a reunion yet. But will one day.
17 December 2018 - Taunton Somerset

Terry Anderson |
Just to reiterate Ants message to all old Wansteadians,wherever in the world you may be, have a merry Christmas and happy & prosperous 2019.
16 December 2018 - England

Anthony Finch |
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the members here, all the Facebook group and any old Wansteadians out there a very happy Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year on behalf of myself and the Admin guys. We will endeavour to keep this place going for as long as it is useful to all Wansteadians of course including Sawbridgeworth. Happy Christmas everyone!
16 December 2018 - Norfolk

Webmaster comments   This website is for the benefit of all Wansteadians and for information for the general public about our School. We wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and please, please register if you are an old pupil, teacher or affiliated with the school in any way. Please email and our Admin guys will be happy to help.

Hi Wilf nice to see your still on site sorry to read we have lost Barry Evans who was in my form during my years can I send Xmas greetings to all who were there 1958 to 1962
26 November 2018 - Worcestershire

Wilfred Ager |
Hi to all ,please take a look at the new Churchill video, I was in Athens and OíGeary as deputy head of school, it would be good to know others who remember these times .
24 November 2018 - Uk

22 November 2018 - WOKING - SURREY

Anthony Finch (Admin) |
The administration of this website sent a message to everyone who has left an entry on this guestbook. The response was quite amazing and I am delighted to report that as a result we had over forty new members registered in the last two days.
If you are an old pupil or a relative and would like to join us please register. It's free (not much is these days) Come and join us.
22 November 2018 - Norfolk

Webmaster comments   Yes indeed. The more the merrier. Lets keep the spirit of RWS alive.

Terry Anderson |
Dilly I read your Guestbook entry with interest. I was at RWS from Ď62 - Ď66 so am probably a couple of years older. My school memories have faded over the years but most of the memories I have are good ones. As the majority of kids were at the school for basically similar reasons I think the sense of kinship at the time was very strong. I truely believe that my experiences at school have helped to make me the person I am today.
4 November 2018 - England

Dilly Braimoh |
I couldn't make the last (2018) reunion, but look forward to attending the Christmas Carol Service.
Over the last few years, I've been scribbling some ('64-'69) memories of RWS. Some recollections are good, some not so good.
Many of the ones resulting in caning were, in truth, due to my own stupidity. I hope to make them part of a memoir. Although some may look back with rose tinted glasses, I want memories of the school and regime in particular, to be accurate. I may, dear colleagues, need your help.
As an aside, it was many years after I left RWS, that I discovered that the school, founded as the Infant Orphan Asylum, was for vulnerable children.
For better or worse, all of us Old Wansteadians - whether at school or at home - have had experiences that have defined our lives.
Feel free to share them.
3 November 2018 - Surrey, UK

Webmaster comments   Dilly. Thank you for your comments on the guestbook. Why not register and add a topic with your recollections to share with us all and maybe attract some responses?

Anthony Finch |
This message board has been here for twenty years. It is in memory of the finest headmaster I have ever known. John Lavender. I have a great deal to be thankful for. Thank you Mr Lavender for making me the person I am today.
25 October 2018 - Norfolk

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